Vampires VS Werewolves

This is a story I wrote for a class project.

Chapter 1

Vampires VS Werewolves

It started when I walked to school. I was happy, because it was the last day until summer break. I was walking to school with my best friend, Megan.
When we got there, we both headed to history, my least favorite subject. I couldn’t stay awake during my teacher’s boring voice drone on and on and on. I felt myself drifting off to sleep...
The next thing I knew, in my own bed. I tried to get up, but it was like I was pinned to the bed, and couldn't move my shoulders up. I pulled down my covers and saw the problem: my arms and legs were bound to my bed.
Then a girl strode in. She went to a lever, which was hidden in the shadows, and pulled it down. My bed turned vertical, and I was able to see her.
She was a girl, about my age, in jeans and a black hood.
"When did you get into my house? Who are you? What do you want with me?"
She ignored the last two questions and answered, "This isn't your house, Alyssa, not even your world, actually.”
"What do you mean?" I asked, panicked.
"Well um... he kind of took you to a different dimension."
She walked to the bed and worked on the straps. I saw her face when the hood fell down. It was Layla, a girl in my class that is very friendly and gets straight A’s.
“How did you get to this place? What do you mean 'he'?"
"This world is my home. I have a portal in my mirror back on Earth," Layla answered calmly.
"Why did you come to Earth if you live here?"
"Some things I can't answer here. There are cameras everywhere. We will go to my home and discuss things there."
Once we were in Layla's house, she explained to me how they were in a world of werewolves and other mythical creatures. She also told me why she came here.
"Dragons are very scarce. They were killed off in the medieval times, so you don't see them often. They are known for stealing maidens, such as you, to eat. We don't know why it is only girls, and not boys. "
"Anyway, one is most likely entered you into a portal, ransacked your mind, and recreated its lair to look like your home. Fortunately, he fled when I came near. Wolves have that effect on most things."
I had to calm myself down, even if I had a billion questions to ask, and that I had been told that her best friend had been a werewolf. I started with the question she was dying to ask, and because I knew Layla since kindergarten, so I asked, "How did you come on Earth, Layla, if that is your real name."
"My name is actually Vesunamontilallia," she replied, "but you may call me Layla." she added quickly, seeing how my brain was about to explode. "As for being on Earth, I traveled there to learn more about it. I am the king's searcher."
"Vampires were trying to destroy this world, Prothymas, to gain power. They are the one of the most powerful inhabitants of the universes, second to werewolves. We fought and won. Most fled to Deso, the vampire world, but some fled to Earth, including their leader, Lusia. She was the one that caused them to lose, sending everyone to battle. Many were lost fighting, almost half the population. Most vampires didn't want to fight; they were ok with only being second best. Everyone hated her, except maybe a few followers. Lusia only wanted power, but the others wanted life. She was sure that they would kill him as soon as he got to Deso, so Lusia went to Earth.
"The king of Prothymas sent many searchers to Earth to find Lusia, but none succeeded. I have reported a suspicious looking figure at our school, so I came here to tell the king my findings, when I sensed you were here. Most humans that end up here are dead in 5 minutes."
"And I need to know this because..."
"It is critical you learn our history because you could help us with our current situation. You are proving to be more intelligent than I thought," she answered.
"Thanks," I replied sarcastically. I started pacing across the room. "She must have left a message so his followers could find her."
"Actually, she did. Lusia wrote a message saying ' Nobody would find me at the heart. She wasn't much of a thinker, so it must mean what it reads, even if no one can find the meaning."
"But, she could have been really smart and put on the act so everyone would underestimate her," I reasoned.
"That conclusion is as good as any, but there is no way to tell for sure. What was weirder is the queen disappeared a day later. She must have taken the queen hostage so we could find Lusia, and when doing so, falling into a trap."
"So that means we have to find her, no matter what. And that the clue is not a fake," I stated.
I continued pacing. The heart. The heart. I groaned in desperation.
"Just because you can't find it out, that doesn't mean that you have to let yourself down. As I said, nobody could find it out."
"Wait a minute. Can you give me a map of Prothymas, Deso, and Earth? I need to find something."
Layla disappeared into the hall and came out with three rolls of paper. She laid them all on the table and smoothed them out.
"There. Now what?"
"Hold on a moment."
I studied Deso very carefully. I finally found it and pointed to it.
"In the middle of the ocean, there is a red island shaped like a heart. It is named Ichor Island. Ichor is the blood of the gods, and being vampires, I knew there would be a blood related island name. The heart pumps blood. As well as it being heart shaped, a bonus," I said.
“For some strange reason, nobody has thought of that. Still, do you know how hard it is for a werewolf to get onto Deso? Vampires can smell you from a mile away. If you are a human, they can turn you into a vampire."
"Do you have a vampire friend?" I asked innocently.
"No, werewolves and vampires are enemies; I told you that already."
"That is incorrect, my friend."
"Well, you can't just look like them. Like I said, they could smell you from a mile away!"
"Then I will have to overpower the sense of smell. Smell so revolting that nobody would bother arguing," I concluded.
"How are you going to do that?" Layla inquired.

10 minutes later...

I had just put garlic on me and a bunch of other stuff vampires don’t like. I used these ingredients so vampires couldn't touch me, but that meant I couldn't be disguised as a vampire.
"Okay, now how do I get to Deso?" I asked after I was ready." I bet I have to use a portal."
"If you did bet on that, you would lose," Layla stated. "Only to get to Prothyas you do. Not to Deso. You have to do a ritual. Vampires like rituals better than they like portals."
"So what’s the ritual?"
"You have to draw a square with a circle in the middle on the ground."
After I did that with chalk, I asked, "Now what?"
"Place a coin in the corners of the square. Then stand in the circle."
I got 4 quarters out of my pocket and did what Layla said.
"Then say 'Am acest sacrificiu pentru tine, Doamne calatorii. Ridica-ma prin spatiu si locul mine in vampir lumea.'"
"What does it mean?" I asked.
"It means, 'I have this sacrifice for you, God travels. Lift me through space and place me in the vampire world' in Romanian.”
"Am acest sacrificiu pentru tine, Doamne calatorii. Ridica-ma prin spatiu si locul mine in vampir lumea," I repeated, the words coming from my mouth in what seemed like blood and spiraled into the now black square. The red letters disappeared from the square pit and black mist swirled around me, like if I were in the center of a tornado.
I looked around once the mist had cleared. I was surrounded by scarlet trees, and a giant cave made out of rock appeared into visibility. According to my map, I had landed in the Island of Ichor and it was all, completely luck, because Layla said that the ritual would bring you anywhere in Deso.
I walked into the pitch-black cave, noting every little detail with my flashlight, as if it could help if it was a trap. Of course, it was. I saw a fountain made of gold, and stepped closer to see what its contents were when a loud noise brought up my attention. I turned to the entrance of the cave, and saw the last bit of natural light disappear under a heavy iron door. Contained again; what a day this was turning out to be. Then my flashlight died, and my equipment for survival vanished. The fountain seemed to glow, and the contents wavered.
“Welcome, traveler,” greeted a female voice. “I have waited for you for ages.”
I didn’t respond at all, then Lusia stepped out of the shadows and a spotlight was on her as she did. She was very pretty, with long, brown hair that reached to her waist. Her dress was white with a gold trim and a hood. She seemed very familiar. Even if she was told to be an evil murderer, she seemed like a good person. Her expression was welcoming, and if she had a desire to kill me, she hid it well. I wasn’t even sure if it was Lusia. I thought it was the queen for a moment, inviting me to come closer by Lusia’s orders.
But then she uncovered her head and her eyes flickered with hatred. She strode towards me her face changing emotions to pure anger. Her clothes changed colors to black and red. Despite the smell, she never backed away, even if I did everything to make a vampire throw up.
She walked straight up to me and said, “Hello. I was wondering when you might appear. You come from the portal, am I correct? Yes, I could see what you were doing the entire time, and I was the one who sent you there.”
Lusia guided me to the fountain and touched the water. The ripple formed an image of me breathing heavily in the recording studio. After the picture had faded, the entire cave lightened.
“As you can see, this fountain is magical. It is known by the Spaniards as ‘The Fountain of Youth.’ They got the legend right, and the location right, but the dimension wrong. The fountain was placed here because vampires don’t need it. But I do.”
From what she was saying so far, she wasn’t a vampire. Now I know why she changed form. The first one was the queen, spying on the armies for years, until it was time for them to attack. The “queen” fled when Lusia fled. The smell didn’t bother her, because she is a werewolf. It all made sense, but something was bothering me.
“It’s too bad I have to kill you. I sense greatness in you. But, unfortunately, you know too much already.”
She pulled a knife out of her cloak and threw it at me. I ducked and sprinted towards the fountain. She blocked and threw another knife. As I was dodging, she tossed her cloak into the air. All the knives in it fell out into a perfects circle around her. Then, the cloak expanded and turned into a transparent wall in front the fountain. Apparently, she thought the first priority was the fountain. I formed a very simple plan in my head when she was occupied with attacking me.
I pretended to duck, but I ran to her and grabbed her hand. While she was trying to break my grip, completely forgetting the weapons on the ground, the cloak dropped. I pulled her to the fountain and jumped in. I shouted in exasperation, “Va rog lift ma scoate din spatiu si locul pe mine in lume de lupi.”

The next thing I knew was I was in Layla’s house, my fist clenched. I filled in Layla with all the details of my adventure.
Layla said, “Okay, I think it is time for you to go back to your world. Good-bye.”
“Bye, Layla, I will see you at school.”
She looked at me sadly and guided me to a mirror. I stepped through, closing my eyes, and something started shaking me.
“Wake up, Alyssa.” It was Layla. I said hi and observed my surroundings. I was in a hospital room. All of my friends and family surrounded me. I asked her, “How did you get here so fast? I left Prothymas before you.”
“What are you talking about?” She shot a look at me that shouted ‘Don’t tell the humans of our existence.’
“Okay, never mind.” I looked around the room and saw two seats empty. One was Layla’s, and the other was Megan’s.
“Where’s Megan?”
Layla looked down, unable to meet my eyes. “She got kidnapped. Her body was found in Florida.”
I knew what had happened, and why Lusia looked so familiar. I sacrificed her to the god of travels. I killed my best friend.


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