Demon Love (A Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) Love Story)

Demon Love (A Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) Love Story)

I decided to make a black butler story bcuz, well... i just finished it and... well... i kinda... cried. ALMOST anyway, i was writing a story and when i was done, i realized it went along with the plot of Kuroshitsuji.
Name: Ceil has to name you. or u can just put ur name in here instead.
looks: black hair, green eyes, an inch or two shorter than Sebastian. the picture but wit green eyes
Race: demon like Sebastian.
friends: other workers.
who u like: u will have to find out!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: R.I.P Ciel

He sat there, waiting for his death by the hands of his butler, who was just smirking and now leaning down to claim his soul. He suddenly lost consciousness and Sebastian stopped, his smirk gone. He knew he had just lost his meal, the one he had spent forever working on.
"Is everything okay?" He heard a voice. Sebastian sighed and straightened back up.
"No." He turned around and saw Emerald standing there in her maid outfit. He walked up to her.
"You're lying, Sebastian." Sebastian smirked.
"You could always tell when I'm angry." Emerald put her arms around Sebastian's neck while he put his around her waist.
"Well then, we have to serve our master, don't we?" She asked in a fake innocent tone.
"Indeed we do."

After the events of the maze in Alois's Mansion and they are at the remote island

Sebastian dived into the ocean to save his master and collect his soul. He reached Ciel in time and pulled him to the surface. There, Sebastian took his soul. He carried Ciel's body onto the shore and had a satisfied smirk on his face. He carried Ciel back to the manor and left him there for the maid to discover him as he left to 'go to bed.' When he 'woke up,' Sebastian noticed that Ciel had been discovered and everyone was weeping, except for Emerald, though she did have a look of sorrow on her face. Sebastian smirked at this before asking what had happened.

"Did you think I was dead all that time?" Sebastian remained speechless. He didn't like to be wrong. Ciel smirked. "You are no longer bound by the contract since you did get my soul but I am still alive and even fooled a demon." He sighed as Elizabeth hugged him closer, a look of disgust on her face.
"Everyone lied to me, the day Ciel died. They told me that he killed himself and one person even had the guts to say that I caused his death. I almost took my life but then Ciel saved me that night."

Elizabeth kneeled there, knife ready to cut her throat, when the lighting struck and she saw a shadow perched on her window sill. She did pay any attention to it. The knife was ready to slice threw her flesh when a hand stopped her. "Don't so it, Lizzy." She gasped and turned to the sound of the voice. There he was, dressed in her favorite blue suit and holding the knife she was about to kill herself with. She got up and hugged him. "Lizzy, do you want to be with me?" She shook her head yes. "Forever?" Another nod. "Well, this might hurt a little." And she felt pain in her neck and blacked out.
End of Flashback

"I owe him my life and would gladly give him it." Elizabeth said, having a glaring contest with Emerald. Emerald suddenly felt arms around her waist.
"I'm sorry, Ciel, but we have to cut this short." Sebastian commented. Before Ciel could say anything, Emerald and Sebastian were suddenly at their complex. "We have to move."

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