Demon Love (A Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) Love Story)

Demon Love (A Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) Love Story)

I decided to make a black butler story bcuz, well... i just finished it and... well... i kinda... cried. ALMOST anyway, i was writing a story and when i was done, i realized it went along with the plot of Kuroshitsuji.
Name: Ceil has to name you. or u can just put ur name in here instead.
looks: black hair, green eyes, an inch or two shorter than Sebastian. the picture but wit green eyes
Race: demon like Sebastian.
friends: other workers.
who u like: u will have to find out!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 3

How Madam Red met her 'husband'

"Red. Call me Madam Red." (Em's P.O.V)
My eyes twitched. Sebastian had told me about what had happened to Madam Red. She didn't sound sad that Ciel had died, which made me a little suspicious. You could never trust this kind of race. They were witty and clever, like us, but that is only because they started to copy us. "So, Madam Red, how did you meet..."
"Richard?" She smiled as she sat herself down. Richard sat down next to her.
"Well, before the incident with Ciel's parents, I was in France to spend my vacation. I was walking around until it started to get dark so I decided to walk down an ally. Some guy found me and pushed me against the wall and asked for my money. He continued to assault me until Richard found me and saved me and I fell in love with him." She suddenly stopped. I wasn't paying attention but acted like I was. I smiled a fake smile and then pretended to look at my watch.
"Oh, I'm sorry but we have to go. I hope the best for you two." I said as Sebastian and I headed out the door. When we far out of their hearing, I dropped my smile. "God, they disgust me." i said as we walked to my place. (Yes, I have a place.) I opened the door ad we both walked in. I saw him look around and then he turned to me.
"Nice place you got."
"Thanks." I said as I closed the door. He sat down on my small couch and then waited for me to sit next to him.
"Who do you think is going to summon us next?"
"I don't know. It seems people have forgotten about us." I sighed. This was going to be harder than I thought.
Somewhere else
"No! You ca-"
"Shut up!" A mysterious man said as he gagged the young women. He then tied her with rope to stop her from struggle.
"Met me mo!" She tried to say but got slapped by a woman with blonde hair. The man knelt down.
"I don't think so, Missy. I heard a lot about you and you could be of some fortune to me. If I keep you long enough, there will be a price for your return and I shall get you then kill you." He laughed then smiled. "And plus, I want to meet an old friend." he said as the woman put her arms around the man.

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