Demon Love (A Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) Love Story)

Demon Love (A Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) Love Story)

I decided to make a black butler story bcuz, well... i just finished it and... well... i kinda... cried. ALMOST anyway, i was writing a story and when i was done, i realized it went along with the plot of Kuroshitsuji.
Name: Ceil has to name you. or u can just put ur name in here instead.
looks: black hair, green eyes, an inch or two shorter than Sebastian. the picture but wit green eyes
Race: demon like Sebastian.
friends: other workers.
who u like: u will have to find out!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 2

Why are you here!? You should be dead!!

Srry I haven't been able to get this chapter up. I got busy and I need to stop and do one story at a time. but i'll try to get at least one chapter up by each week. (summer vacation) and i decided to change this whole stroy.
**Sebastian's P.O.V**
The year is 20011. Everything has changed. I claimed Bocchan's (young master in Japanese) soul (srry people who wanted Ciel to live. He got to in the anime and manga but I get to choose if he dies or not. >:) (evil face). To tell the truth, I wanted him to die.) and was free to find a new master. With the help of my partner, Emerald. I'll tell you about what happened after Ciel died.
After the burning of London and the death of the Queen, I was able to move on and go to another country. I decided to go to America and that's where I met with Emerald again. I was walking down the street of Chicago wearing blue jeans and a blue shirt. Then I found her. She was wearing torn up jeans and a shirt that said, "I was not aware that the bird is the word." She seemed to notice me because when I got there, she turned to me. "Hey."
"Hey. You ready to go?"
"Yea. I think I found someone." We started walking.
**End of Flashback**
We were waiting for somebody to answer the door. When the person came, I was shocked. She wore red pants with a red shirt. She also had red makeup on and wore a red hat to top it all of. "Ahhh... It's been a long time, Sebastian. Were is Ciel?"
I made no expression. "He is..." I was trying to find the right words. Normally, my master's don't ask about the other people before them.
"He's dead." It wasn't a question. She seemed to know. But one question still tugged at my thoughts. How did she manage to live after what had happened to her? "Come inside. And bring your friend in too." Emerald and I entered and sat down on the only couch in there. A red love seat with the back shaped like a heart.
"This is awkward..." Emerald muttered as we both sat down. I looked at her and noticed she was a little twitchy.
"Why are you twitchy?" She seemed shocked that I asked that question but she didn't show it.
"I...I don't know. I've never been like this before. I don't know what's going on." Before I could say anything to comfort her (yes. I have a soft spot for her. She is the only person that really knows me. Wow. That sounded corny.), the lady walked in again. She set a tray of food down with three cups of tea on it. She sat down and then realized something.
"Opps. I forgot that you guys don't drink anything. Pardon my mistake." She got back up and left with the tray she had just sat down on the table three seconds ago. I turned to Em (my nickname for her. I told you I had a soft spot for her.).
"It's going to be OK. I promise." She turned to me and smiled. I really like it when she smiles. I feel all... happy inside. The lady came back and then sat down.
"So, I figure you already know why I'm here, don't you?" She looked at the both of us.
"You've been bitten, haven't you?" Em said. The lady smiled.
"Well, aren't you the smart one! Yes, I was, in fact, bitten." She looked at her watch. "He should be home any minute." A few moments of silence and then the door opened. A guy wearing a suit walked through and the lady got up and kissed the man on the cheek. "Welcome home, Sweety. Do you remember these people?" The man took off his shoes and put his brief case down before he went to where we were and sat down across from us. I suddenly knew him. He was my rival. We hated each other because we were both competing for food. His species versus Emerald's and mine. He had his poker face on and I had mine on.
"Well, Sebastian, nice to see you again. What happened to Angel?"
"Gone. I gave her what she wanted and she gave me what I wanted. And that's it. No more, no less." Angel was way before Ciel. During the Salem With Trails, she was convicted a witch and that's when she summoned me. She want to live free and die of old age in exchange for her soul. We both agreed and she lived a free women. Everybody thought I was her husband but, truth be told, I was her servant. Nothing more, nothing less.
"I couldn't have had her. But you got to her first." He gave me a dirty look and probably thought it intimidated me. It didn't.
"So, Madam..." Emerald said.
"Red. Call me, Madam Red."

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