15 Things Fred and George Weasly MUST Remember!

ivytrap and i created this... well... for the hell of it...

Chapter 1


1. ~ Tricking Slytherins into drinking polyjuice potion is NOT extra credit in potions class

2. ~ Asking Nevil to borrow his tap shoes is only funny the first time.

3. ~ Asking Luna and Nevil when the wedding will be is NOT funny.

4. ~ You are not jedis and therefore cannot use the force.
4b. ~ nor can you conjure lightsabers and have a duel.

5. ~ Telling Ron that Aragog is looking for him is not funny.
5b. ~Nor is telling Ron that Aragog didn't sound happy.

6. ~ Stalking their sister to scare off any boy that they see is unfair to her.
6b. ~With the only exception being Draco Malfoy.
6b. ~and McLaggen.

7. ~Telling the school about Professors Dumbledore and Mcgonagall's secret love life is only funny if they don't hear about it.

8. ~Sneaking a grindylow into Professor Snape's shower is not snickers not... Funny...

9. ~Telling Professor Umbridge that the centaurs say Hello is not funny.
9b. ~No matter how much she screams.

10. ~Letting dogs loose in Professor Umbridge's office to scare her kitten paintings is not tasteful.

11. ~Spiking Professor Snape's pumpkin juice isn't funny, no matter how hideous his voice is when he sings "A Cauldron Full of Hot, Strong Love."

12. ~They are not to suggest that Luna Lovegood go to a "special" home.

13. ~They are not to sell dangerous experiments on Hogwarts grounds.
13b. ~Nor are they allowed to test these experiments on Professor Snape.
13c. ~Or Nevil.

14. ~Using polyjuice potion to make themselves look like Umbridge is strictly forbidden.
14b. ~Having not done this, they will not take the advantage to make a decree saying "All Malfoys Are Prohibited."

15. ~Introducing facebook to the Professors is not a good idea.
15b. ~Friending the Professors is worse.


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