One Moment (A Collection of Animal Rights Stories) [Chapter 2 FINALLY Out!]

One Moment (A Collection of Animal Rights Stories) [Chapter 2 FINALLY Out!]

Reader's Discretion is Advised.

Each chapter is a new story, about a different animal and a different form of agony. I thank crazyrabbids for the motivation, as well the souls who suffered.

You are the silent witness. You are the victim. Your voice will be heard.

Chapter 1

Don't Forget

"Mina! Over here!"

I pawed the ground like a bull that I see at the rodeos. Well, not real rodeos. Kass, my owner, lets me watch the picture box. You should see it! There's moving pictures! And you can see anything. One time, I saw this neat sandwich...

" MINA !" Levi screeched. Jack cowered behind Cici, next to the rosebush. Levi darted towards me.

"AHHH!" I yelped playfully. I slid to the side, Levi crashing into the patch of petunias. Although we were all Corgis, our same cream and black (with the exception of Levi's brown) fur glistening in the sun made us look... different. The Diversity of Dogs, as we like to call it.

"Nǐ kàn, Dǎi, yǒu měilì de!"

The unfamiliar Man-speak made us all freeze our game of tag. The blood in our veins ran cold.

And it happened too fast.

Arms huddled around me. I glanced at Cici and Jack, who were already being taken. Pain rippled down my back as I was thrown in a tiny crate with Levi. He crammed in with me, our bodies shifting uncomfortably.

"KASS!" I yelped violently. "DEAN!" Levi screamed for his own owner. Jack howled for Gigi and Cici barked for Sam. I felt a bash in my skull and fell unconscious.

~ Six Days Later ~

Six days. No food, no water. Levi and I switch positions every few hours, if we aren't sleeping. First, he was curled into a circle at the bottom, me crammed beside him. Next he lay on his stomach, me under, supporting him. After that he lay on his back, I on my side facing him. Now, we fumbled with each other again.

He twisted over my stomach, positioning himself sitting-human against the crate. After a minute we found ourselves snout to snout. His black nose caressing mine.

His green eyes looked into mine, hope spewing out. They say the eyes are the only window to the soul. And when I saw Levi's soul, I saw faith.

Creaking sounded, noise was heard, and Levi jerked his head up. The connection broke and we tumbled out.


The sickening sound of bones crunching met my furry ears. Cici and Jack were nowhere to be found. I looked at Levi, who's ribs were too noticeable. Sweat covered us both from the extremities of the heat in the truck.

Weight pressed onto my neck almost immediately. I huffed out a breath, the pain increasing, the pressure building...


I had no control over my head. I felt the warmth of blood pool around me. I struggled to stand upright, my head flopping to the side.

It had been broken.

My throat gurgled with blood, finally coughing it up. The sun hung deep in the sky, and I closed my eyes..

Our paws collided. Our stomachs touched. Our eyes stared into each others.

Levi leaned forward and whispered into my ear. Softly, yet seriously.

"Wait, Mina. I'll catch you when you fall. I love you, Mina,"

I stared at him, before entangling him with myself. It had only been an hour until we came for air. Happiness flew through the oxygen. His breaths were my breaths. Perspiration dampened us both before we fell into a sleep.

I held onto the memory. I had loved Levi. We had made love. We were meant for each other. But it was going to end. It was going to be gone... Levi had forgotten it the next day. Something happened that won't ever again.

I looked around, finally realizing I was up-side-down. My toes clung and stuck together by force, on a wire. I squished next to Levi. My other side was empty. It was the start of the wire.

Acid ran through me, pain traveling like lightning. I kicked my hind legs, a good one in a face.

But I regretted it instantly. The man lurched from his spot and with his bare hands, snapped my leg in two. I didn't feel that pain until seconds later, the blood leaking around me.

A blade. A knife. It cut around my left leg. Then my right.

I felt a tug.

It was peeling.

My skin.

Excruciating agony.




"I'll catch you when you fall"




"I didn't forget"


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