A Lee Jordan Love Story

I hardly ever see these, so i figured I should try making one! :) please comment, rate, favorite, and enjoy! ^_^
You are Alex (yes this is a girl name) Thompson. A 4th year, muggle-born Gryffindor, best friends with the Weasley twins, and of course Lee Jordan. You are in Harry, Ron, and hermione's year. So the twins and Lee are 2 years older.

Chapter 1

Lee sure is acting weird...

I walked casually down the hogwarts express, looking eagerly for an empty compartment. After a while of looking around, Fred and George spotted me and waved me over.
"Geez it took you guys long enough!" I exclaimed exasperatedly, but still smiled. It was nice to see them again. They laughed and grabbed my trunk for me. I sat down in their compartment with Lee while they stored my luggage. I crossed my legs and started humming 'anything but ordinary' by Avril Lavigne under my breath, when I noticed Lee was staring at me with a glazed look. I snapped my fingers in front of his face grinning.
"Earth to Lee! Is anybody in there?!" I teased. He shook his head and looked away looking slightly pink. Wow, Lee sure is acting weird... I thought as the twins sat down. Oh well, whatever it is will be better when we get to hogwarts, he always cheers up when we're there. I concluded.
"So Alex, what'd you do over the summer?" the twins asked in unison. I giggled a little. It always made my laugh when they talked in sync.
"Oh you know, read and...stuff..." I said trailing off. My summer had been pretty boring. They just laughed at my lame excuse for a vacation and began to tell their own stories. After about 10 minutes they finally finished, and the focus turned to Lee.
"What about you Lee? Anything interesting happen during summer that we should know about?" Fred asked smirking. Lee snapped out of a sort of trance that he'd been in.
"Oh, um...what was the question again?" he asked bluntly.
"Lee, are you feeling okay?" I asked putting my hand on his forehead to check his temperature. "you've been acting really stange today." His face was burning, but it didn't feel like a fever. He smacked my hand away lightly and mumbled something like 'I'm fine'. I decided to let it go for now, and went to change into my robes. Fred and George however, were far from letting him off that easily. They stared at him intently, and waved me to go ahead without them. I shrugged, grabbed my robes and left the compartment.

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