Something About You ~ A George Harrison Love Story

Something About You ~ A George Harrison Love Story

Hello :)
Well, I was going to make a Beatles TBC story, but it's impossible for me to write a story under 3000 words. (Yes. I can't write short stories, or paragraphs, for that matter.)
So, I decided to make a story for each Beatle!
I started with George, because he is my favourite, and, in my opinion, the most romantic <3
Please comment! Tell me what you think, and tell me which Beatle I should do next! Also, If you have any suggestions, speak up!

Chapter 1

Something About you ~ Part 1 ~ A heroic entrance

You smile as you walk through the markets with your father. Ever since your mother died a few years back, it has been your priority to be there for him, especially since you two didnt have much money.

"Dad, shall we take a look at the fruit?" You ask. A few seconds go by, and your father doesn't reply. "Dad?" You repeat. He still won't answer.
He stops waking, and you look up at him.
His face is stone white. Suddenly, he falls to the ground.

"Dad!" You yell. You look around to see if anyone is getting help, but no one seems to have noticed. Or cared, for that matter.
"Help me! Something's happened to my father!" You scream, as loud as you can.
"Is he breathing!?" A male voice comes from nowhere.
Suddenly, a tall man runs overs, and bends down to put his left ear over your father's chest.
He gasps, stands up, and demands a nearby stall owner to call an ambulance.

At this point, you hadn't had a chance to see the man's face. Until he kneels down to face you.
He was very good looking, but you could have sworn you've seen him somewhere.
"What is your name, sweetheart?" He asked, in the sexiest scouse accent you had ever heard.
You tried to focus on your father, rather than this man.
"Ugh....My name is...(Insert you name here)..."
"And your fathers name?"
The man nodded, and stood up to see if the ambulance had arrived.

You grab hold of your fathers hand and squeeze it. "Dad.....You can't leave me...Of all people, not you....You're all I've got..."
You whisper to him as tears fill your eyes.

Just as you are about to cry your eyes out, you feel someone put an arm around you. It's the man who helped you out, and possibly saved your father. "It's all gonna be right, my love." He assured.

"You didn't even tell me your name.." You whisper, staring at your father, who is still unconscious.
The man chuckled. You put on a confused face as the man realizes you have no idea who he is.
"My name is George Harrison. I'm from The Beatles."
You slightly light up. "I thought you looked familiar".

Although you seemed happy, especially since you were talking to a celebrity, you were praying that your father would be okay, and stay healthy for as long as possible. The thought of losing him.......You couldn't bare it.

George took his arm away from you as the ambulance drove in, bleeping it's horn to ward of the crowd, who was still walking by, ignoring the scene.

Another tear leaves your eyes as you watch paramedics search for any signs of life from your father.

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