Secret Files Of A Teenage Girl


Chapter 1

First Day!

Hi, first let me introduce myself. My name is Lucilia Reese Aragoza. But most people call my L or Lucy. I recently read a book called "Cool Girls: The Guide To Being Awesome." It had a little section where it said: 'To be cool, do some things that the popular girls in your grade do' (I know its a very bad influence) Well, most of those preps are talking non-stop about how they wrote stuff in their DIARY. I'm not your usual girl and love to do things different, so I thought: "Why not do a SECRET FILES?" Also, I am very busy at my house when i get home so I thought i would write in it during school!! I am going to make sure that this binder doesn't get discovered, so if your reading this and your at my school, MAKE SURE NOT TO LOOK IN A SPARKLY PURPLE FOLDER!! Kay?? So heres where my story begins!

The first day of 7th grade. What almost every kid dreams of, at least, if they enjoy school. I walked confidently throught the perfect wood doors into the school wearing my back to school outfit Stacey, Celsey, and Tiana saw me and rushed over, but not before Ronny rushed over. He was my only guy friend that i had in this school, and I was his only gal-friend. We had been BFFs since 1st grade, when i barfed on his shirt (to many froot loops)

"Sorry!" I had said.
"Ith okay!" He had replied.
No one could help me eat these. I said back.
We could be friends! He told me later after we had played a while

"So, how was Summer break?" He asked.
"You should know, I spent half of it with you and the gals!" I retorted, punching him frendily on the shoulder.
"What about the OTHER half?" He pushed.

Just then, the gals came up to us and started talking about all of their latest boyfriends. I gave my look that always said these-girls-are-just-to-much and directed it and Ronny. He raised his eyebrow back and we listened intently on my three other friends summer activities.

By the time the first bell rang, Tiana was almost done talking about her newest boyfriend, Ronald. The first time she mentioned it I could not keep in the laughs. Ronald seemed like a weird name to me. You see, RONNY's original name was Ronald...I even keep teasing him about it to this day! Anyway, she was talking about their second date and how he had very nearly kissed her, except the waitress was horrified and shouted "EWWW!" A little to young to be working, i think!

Stacey's newest boyfriend was named Moe. She said he was really sweet, even though he was one of the biggest jerks in school. I added that she might be exagerating a bit. Trust me, i've met him. But of course she declined and said once you got to know him, he was really cute and nice.

Celsey talked about her breakup with Jonnee, how she was thinking of making a move, and kissing him. But of course he freaked out and said that she was a little to fast for him and just broke it off then and there.

Before I went to class, I took one last peek at my schedule

Barthlove Middle Schecule
Name: Lucilia Perkins (they got my last name wrong again?!?)
Year: 7th

8:00-9:15= English
9:20-10:00= Drama
11:35-11:50= Lunch
11:55-12:30= French
12:35-1:10= Woodwork
1:15-2:00= Art
2:05-2:30= Homeroom

And I headed off into what would be my most dreadful school year...

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