A Story Without A Title

A Story Without A Title

Hey! This is about a boy who dissapeared 8 years ago. It does have horror in it.

I also don't know what to call it so if you have suggestions, feel free to put them in the comments.

I hope you enjoy this story! =]]

Chapter 1


8 Years Ago;

Amanda Love woke up abruptly to the sound of loud, heavy footsteps outside her massive bedroom.

She squinted her pale blue eyes, trying to see the figure standing in front of her.

It was useless.

Because the person standing in her doorway was no other than her fiancee, Oliver Benley.

Amanda's immediate reaction was to smile at her soon-to-be husband but stopped short of reaching out for him.

His facial expression was one of complete panic.

"Jessie is missing."

Those words would appear and haunt the young couple and everyone around them for years to come.

A letter was left in their mailbox, the words saying that this was only the beginning.

But this isn't the beginning, what is happening has been happening for a very long time and won't stop until justice is served, in anyway possible.


Jessie Love went missing when he was 14. That was 8 years ago.

At first the police thought he had run away because his mother, who's family is quite wealthy, was going to marry policeman Oliver Benley.

Oliver was not allowed to work the case for his boss feared he might influence it in a way that might follow the wrong lead.

Unfortunatly, there were several things that puzzled the police greatly.

One: They couldn't figure out how Jessie had managed to escape his grandparent's masion without anyone seeing him leave that hot summer day.

Two: Every year, on Jessie's birthday, a picture of a fairy-tale like place would be mailed to Amanda and Oliver Benley.

Three: Is this a missing person's case or a crime case?

So many questions, yet so little answers.

This is, Jessie's story.

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