Do Not Fear

Shaila always ran into weird stuff. One day she runs into a guy drinking her best friend's blood, and know the world will ever be the same. But if vampires were real, what else was out there?

Chapter 1

Betty's Blood

by: Dudete
" Betty?" I yelled, hearing the echo of my voice in the empty classroom. A strand of lightly curly blond hair slipped onto my face. I blew it away, my eyes scanning over the desks. No movement. I closed my eyes, concentrated on hearing.
I had this weird extra-good hearing sense. In the next room were exactly twelve students, judging by the heart-beats. Math tutoring. Upstairs was the basketball team, the ball bouncing. The net swished. Someone had made it. A few others that were running late raced through the hallways. But no trace of Betty's asthmatic breathing.
I opened my eyes, my hearing turning back to normal. Where could my best friend have gone? I raced out of the school building, hoping that she would be waiting out there.
Maybe she's gone home by herself, I thought. Somehow I doubted that.
I closed my eyes again.
A bird making it's nest, the crunch of grass as people walked over it, leaves rusting in the woods behind the school. A scream, way in the distance.
My eyes opened wide. That was Betty's scream.
I took off in that direction, full speed. Around the school, past the outdoor classrooms, the track field, the border of the campus. By now I was deep in the woods. My instincts took over, my legs stopes running. My breathing turned into gasps. I couldn't go on. I just couldn't. Memories flashed through my head. Too many corpses, too many explosions. Too much death. Too many mutations. Too much. Just plain too much. I crumpled into a heap of misery. It was no excuse to not go save my best friend.

I walked throug the woods, excited. First grade was AMAZING!! I loved school!!! I grinned, front teeth missing. As I took another step, a horrible smell reached my nose. I looked around the tree to see a completely lifeless woman, clothes in shreds, hair ripped out. Claw marks. A pool of blood. I screamed and ran away. Two days later, the police found her. Or, better said, parts of her.

That want the first or last time it happened either. I always ended up running into something like that. Everytime I saw them, it scarred me. I started having nightmares. I couldn't stand it anymore. So I never strayed anywhere other haven't recently been. Ever. Now, to save Betty, I had to. I just had to. But my insticts, built over years of avoiding places like these, simply wouldn't allow me.
Her scream game again, waking me from my memories. I stood up, feeling an almost physical weight come over me as I painfully took a step over the boundary of danger. I had to do this. For Betty.

I came to a shed, a bit run-down. It was deep in the woods. Deeper than I'd ever gone before. Below Betty's screaming, I could now hear a sound similar to... Slurping.
I stepped up and slammed the door to the wall. And gasped in shock. Betty was lying on the floor, paler than I'd ever seen her, her scream becoming weaker and weaker. Next to her, fangs attached to her throat, was a guy not much older than me. Was he- was he....?
I screamed in shock, fear, and anger. He gulped one more, the left Betty's lifeless body on the floor, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand and grinning.
" Ah, dessert," he moved closer to me.
" GET AWAY FROM ME YOU MONSTER!!!!" I screamed, tears flowing down my cheeks. He ignored me, so close I could pick up the metallic scent of the blood he had just drank.
" I SAID GET AWAY FROM ME!!!" I screamed so hard my voice broke. My hands automatically crossing in front of my chest, palms out. A dark blue light jetted out of them with such intensity that it knocked the vampire straight through the wall of the shed and through the trunks of another two trees before he finally hit the ground, dead.
I fainted with complete exhaustion.

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