And you thought we where normal.

And you thought we where normal.

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Chapter 1


Skylar counts to ten and moves her hands from her face, she listen for sound’s of the other people playing hide and seek with her. Skylar walk around trying to find the other players, she hears a little group of girls giggling behind the truck parked in the drive way. Skylar runs to where they are the girls run screaming. Skylar stops running after them laughing, and turns to look where she saw movement. Skylar grabs he little brother Owen before he runs away. Owen screams for help and starts laughing when Skylar starts to tickle him. Skylar stops and looks across the street at the new family moving in. “I hope they have fun kids.”Skylar thinks watching the family get out of there car. A tall guy steps out of the car and Skylar pulls Owen away, walking to the backyard. “I found Owen! He is it.” Skylar yells out. Owen starts to count and Skylar runs back to the front yard and climbs in to the bed of the truck. The guy is still standing near the car, he looks up at Skylar and she ducks laying down in the truck. Skylar can hear Owen yelling about how he found dad. Skylar jumps out of the truck the guy still looking at her, she walks inside the house.The boss man makes his way into the house and then talks to her mom “ Is this the girl” He says looking at her. He has a cold look on his face that seems to make a chill go right threw her her mom nods. He grabs Skylar and brings her out to his car her mom cant really do anything about it. He trows her into the back seat then gets in and takes off down the road going at a high speed.

“ Do you know why you are here?” He ask.

“No..” Skylar whispers.

“ You haven't notice anything weird lately?”

“No, well no” Skylar starts to cry.

“ Think you stupid girl!” He starts to get mad.

“I am not stupid!” Skylar yells at the man hitting him in the arm.

The boss man slams on the breaks and puts the car into park and gets out slamming the car door. He opens the back door and trows Skylar out onto the ground she hits the concrete making a cut along the side of her face.

“ I don’t have time for you games!” He yells.

“What GAMES!” Skylar yells touching the cut on her face.

“ Don’t be foolish you know what you are”

“I am a girl that is all.” Skylar starts crying when see blood on her hand.

“ Well I hope you enjoy pain”

“P....p...p...pain” Skylar Bursts into tears.

“ Then tell me now!!”

“Tell you what! Gosh you think I know stuff I don’t know!” Skylar screams at him.

“ Get up and get back into the car”

“No!” Skylar yells.

“I said NOW!!!” He takes out a gun.

“Fine mister Scary Pants!” Skylar slowly stands and gets in the car.

When they got to where they where going Skylar look around and saw a tall building that was made out of glass. He pulled up to the drive in window and a man came to it in a uniform that had a symbol of a sun on it the boss man hand him a ID card. “ Your all set to go sir” The guard said giving back the card and smiling. They got to the main building and parked, the boss man took her by the arm and brought her to a white cell and threw her in. “ I will deal with you later” he said closing the door behind him.

“Let me out!” Skylar yells hitting the door whit her hands. Skylar paces back and forth in the little white box of a room. Skylar sits down after a little and lays her head on the wall, leaving blood on the wall.

The boss man comes back after what seems to be like hours on end and opens the door and looks at her. “ Having fun I see” He grins then takes her by the arm and brings her to another room and sits her down in the chair. A man comes in with a bucket of water and sets it down in front of her. Then the man grabs her and brings her to the bucket and holds her face just above it.

“ So tell me” The boss man says.

“Tell you what!” Skylar tries to yell at the man.

“ Here at sunshine we treat are friends with love” He said. The man stuck her head into the icy cold water for a second then brought her back up.

“ Tell me!!”

“T...Tell you what!” Skylar shivers.

And again she was stuck into the water the pain was so bad that Skylar wish she was some where else. “How could her mom let this happen” She thought to herself why this must be a dream it cant be real.

“ If you don’t tell me then I will bring Owen into this” He smiled.

“You leave him alone, he is just a kid!” Skylar yells trying to hit the man.

“ So I hit a soft spot did I” His smile getting bigger “ Then tell me what you are and your power and no harm will come to him”

“I am Skylar Anne Jones! My power is nothing I have no power you have the wrong girl!” Skylar yells kicking and throwing punches. The boss man grabs her and brings her back to the white room and trows her in there. “ Next I will mess up your pretty little face of yours” then leaves laughing all the way down the hall.

Skylar starts to cry in the corner of the room. “I wanna go home!” Skylar yells tears falling down her face. Skylar starts to think of her family and how she was just with them having a good time. After a little while he came back and grabs her and brings her to another room and sites her down in the chair and ties he up .

“ Now this is your last chance before your good looks are gone and no man would want to go out with you” He said.

“I still don’t know what you want with me!” Skylar spits at the man.

“ You B****!” He punches her in the face blood starts to rush out.

Skylar screams in pain, her tears falling to the floor.

“ Did that hurt?” He said in a mocking tone.

“Yes!” Skylar shouts at the man blood slowly falling down her face.

“ Oh I’m sorry” he said punching her a second time this time a little more harder.

Skylar lets out another pain stricken scream, more tears falling.

“ I said tell me!” He went in for another punch but stop and look up and saw a man standing there. He froze in mid swing and just stood there.

“ Long time no see Kane” He said smiling

“ Auron Sebastiano!!” The boss man said.

Looking at Skylar a look of shock came over him. “ Wow Kane I cant believe you would go this low to hit women” He said.

“ What dose it matter you got what you wanted one girl is not going to make a change” He smiled.

“ You better wipe that smile off your face right now”

“ Or what its not like you can do anything about it I am god around here I-”

Aroun punch him in the face sanding him flying into the wall with great speed he hit the wall and was knock out cold. “ Okay lets get you out of here” he said cutting the rope and grabbing Skylar's arm and bringing her down the hall.

“Who are you?” Skylar asks looking at Aroun as he pulls her down the hall.

“ What? I don’t even get a thank you?” He smiles they came up to a garage and a couple of men were standing there guarding the way out.

“ Do you trust me?” He asks.

“I want to.” Skylar tells Aroun trying to smile.

“ Okay then play along with me”

They walk out and start to go to where the men are standing “ Halt!” One says pulling out a hand gun and aiming it at Aruon’s chest.

“ She tried to run away and got her back” he said holding onto her arm really tightly.

Skylar looks sadly at the men with guns, then at the hand on her arm. “Ow.” she complains quietly. “ Shut up!” Aruon yells. The man start to put his gun away and Aruon quickly grabs it then shoots the guy in the chest. The other guy trys to aim but also gets shot in the chest as well Aruon leads Skylar to one of the mens car and gets in and drives off.

“ Wow that was close” He says as they got away form that place now and going at a high speed.

“Close!” Skylar points to her face.

“ Yeah didn't really think it would work?” He smiles.

“You are crazy, and I am in pain. Drive me to the hospital.” Skylar tries to evil eye Aruon.

“Got something better then that”

Aroun pulled up to his house it was a big place in pretty much in the middle of no were he put the car in park and went to open up Skylar's door. When they went in Aroun went over to the stove and put on some tea.

“ Sunshine owns the hospital” He said.

“What the heck is Sunshine!” Skylar yells at Aroun.

“ Its the people you were playing with”

“Playing! PLAYING! I WAS NOT PLAYING!” Skylar yells in rage.

“ You know your cute when your mad” He smiled pouring some tea into some cups.

“Cute? what are you trying to do...?” Skylar looks at Aroun with at suspicious look.

“ I believe I just saved your butt from the boss man or do you Americans not call it that.” Skylar never knew that he had a British accent in till now.

“Okay, Okay so you helped me after my face was ruined and US AMERICANS call it that.”

“ I think your face is pretty do you trust me?” He says giving her the cup of tea.

“Stop with the Nicie nice. what do you want from me Aroun!” Skylar looks at the tea.

“ Do you trust me?”

“Yeah just a little.” Skylar sips the tea and spits it out with disgust.

“What is this?”

“ Its Green tea its good for the soul” he gos up to her and puts his hand on her face and closes his eyes for a moment then opens them and smiles.

“ Look in the mirror”

Skylar looks in the mirror to see her face as it was when she woke up. Skylar turns to Aroun and hugs him.

“Thank you.”

“Better then the Hospital is it not?” He smiles.

“Way better, thank you.” Skylar hugs tighter.

“ You still look pretty beat up how about a bath always works for me when I'm bruised then I will take you home tomorrow. You cant go out there the boss man is looking for you?”

“Oh...a shower...” Skylar lets go of Aroun.

“ Okay just leave you cloths out near the door and I will take care of them don’t want you running around all bloody now”

“Oh no..blood Stains!” Skylar looks at her shirt with blood stains on it.

“ Don’t worry your pretty little head now I got stuff love”

“Okay so where too?” Skylar jumps up and down happy to have a shower.

Aroun leads her up the stairs to a door on there right and turns on the light and then goes outside so Skylar can get undressed. “Do you go by Sky or not?” He says leaning on the door listening to the shower when it comes on.

“Well...You can call me Sky.” Skylar pulls off her shirt and throws it down then looks back to the door as she pulls off other pieces of clothing.

“ Sky it is then I like that name its pretty just like you” He said.

“Thanks again.” Skylar says stepping under the water, watching it fall.

“ Your welcome if you need anything I will be downstairs okay”


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