Walking in the Rain

Walking in the Rain

A 13 year old boy walking around in the rain by himself every rainy night. And it's a very rainy city. One night he meets a girl walking in the rain and he starts to follow her from a distance. He goes and meets her and she's exactly like him. Later on they discover something unique about the world they live in.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The birth of Alex Black.

by: Kilf11
April 4th, 1997, 12:00 am.
Weather - Rainy
Mood - Ready
"He's out." The doctor said. "Let me hold him." Tiffany Black told the doctor. "I'm afraid he's not ready yet, we need to.." " LET ME HOLD HIM!" She yelled. "Fine, fine, here." He gave the baby to the mother. She held him, looking at him. One small black hair on his head, blue eyes. "He's beautiful." "He looks like me." the father, Alex Black said. "Well, new father, time to cut his cord."


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