Harry potter love story 6!!

Chapter 1

Harry potter- begining of my birthday

i woke up to a owl owl beside my bed with a big envelope in its mouth i hadnt ever seen this owl b4 so i didnt no who the letter it would be from. I took the letter from the owl and opened it. b4 i started reading the owl came and sat on my leg. Then, i started to read.

Dear __,

Happy birthday !!!! This one of my presents from you its an owl i got from hagrid for free. But Hagrid also wanted you to know that this is not his gift to you either. For you other girt from me meet me in the field by black lake at ~ 7:30 ~ And if you want to give something back to me please get all dolled up. :) When you finish reading this look in the envelope for a and extra something. :)

P.S. The owls name is justice. Shes really friendly. :)
Love you always,
Harry Potter :)
I looked at the owl and then thought she is really cute. She had vivid green eyes alot like my own and white and brown feathers. I would have to thank harry later and this was such a great gift what else could he give me.... then i reminder the envelope had something in it. I looked in it and it was pictures of me and harry i had took with my camera. I loved photography but my camera was soo old and out dated. But Harry most have took my camera and printed these out. There was about 20 different pictures. I looked at the clock it was 12:00 and Hermione was already gone. So i got ready and went out to have lunch. As you came out in the hall you ran in to fred and george..
F and G: Hello _
U: hey guys
F and G: where are you going ?
U: to eat.....
F and G: oh no ur not...
the grab u by the arms and drug u to there room.
U: what the heck you guys. im hungry and have stuff to do.
F: well we can come with you to do it
G: yeah cause harry doesnt want you to ( gets wacked my fred)
U: doesnt want me to want
F: oh nothing silly GEORGE!
U: why are yall acting so wierd
F & G: were not
U: ok well ii have to go get a dress to wear to mine and harrys date tonight soo..
G: we will go with u
U: u to want to go get my dress with me ?
F & G: yup!
U: ok... then
F: lets go now
You and the twns walk to hogsmade and u walked in the dress store.
F: so what color r u going to get ?
U: ummm green cause that harry favorite color on me.
G: cool
U: so im gonna look around
F: we will help
U: yall being *really weird
G: arent we always ?
U: yea but this time weirder.
so ur start looking around and find 3 dress
U: im gonna go try these on
F: can we give you our option?
U: if u want
G: well we want
U: ok
You walk over to the dressing rooms and started trying on the 1st one it was a lighter shade of green in was tight untill ur waist and then it poofed out until ur knees. It also had straps. Then went out.
F; wow u look pretty
G: o agree
U: do yall like it ?
F & G: yeah
G: i think its to puffy but i like the length
F: wow do you sound like a chick!
U; haha u guys well hear is the next on
I went in the dressing room and tried on the next one. It was silky and long and had on strap. It reached to the floor and had a band about to fingers wide of diamonds across the end of the one strap. Then you go out.
F: Holy Cow!
G: harry would flip!!
U: thanks you guys!
F: but....
U: but what ??
F: no u look amazing but the dress makes me think prom or brides made not par... i mean date
G: agreed not date with harry miteral
U: ohh ok gotcha
Then you go on to try then next dress and u love it! Its strap less and is silky and its tight on top then is flowy from the waist down. It had little diamonds around the top. And for the last time you went out.
F: You look amazing!!
G: Hot mommma!!!
U: thanks so yall approve
F: yes very much
U: not problems
G: not at all
U: awesome so let me change back and then ill buy it
F: No let it will b my birthday presnet to u
U: man i thought yall forgot
G: harry never shut up about it for 4 weeks
F: so let me buy it for u
U: no
F: yes
U: no
F: yes
U: no
F: yes
U: no
F: yes
U: Fine!!!
F: thank you
u went to change then fred bought it for u. after he did yall walk back to the castle. And on the way George says.
G: I got you a present to ill give it to u later
G: ugh!! _!!
U: why did u get me something!?!?
G: cause ur one of my bestfriends and u got to take it and ur going to like it get it got it good?
U: Ok....!
Now u were back in the common room and it was 5:30 U, fred, George ate some sweets and at 6:15 you went to ur room to get ready...


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