10 ways (Harry Potter)

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Chapter 1

10 ways to annoy Dumbledore

10. Run panting into his office and say "Help, help, Voldemort has invaded Hogwarts" then lead him all around the school and say "I thought I saw him in this corridor".

9. Follow him around all day, screaming, "IT WAS SNAPE'S FAULT, IT WAS SNAPE'S FAULT"

8. When you are called into his office to be lectured on poor behaviour, sit there and click a pen the entire time. When he pauses say "ooh, clicky! Too bad they don't make quills like this. I'm sorry, Albus, what were you saying?"

7. Mention the "incompetence of Mudbloods" at every oppurtunity.

6. When he is making his speech in the great hall at the start of the year, whistle, clap your hands, and say "Yeah, Dumble, you got dis, you got dis!" continiously throughout the entire speech.

5. Hold a contest among your fellow students Who Can Say Dumbledore's Full name The Fastest.

4. Inform him that Ron accidentally infected his lemon drops with Spattergroit, then offer Dumbledore one.

3. Invite the giant squid to the Yule ball, and then tell Dumbledore that you absolutely insist that he must attend.

2. Whenever Harry is summoned to his office for one of their private chats, be sure to mutter about favouritism.

1. Invite Voldemort and his deatheaters to the Great Hall for tea.

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