StarStruck (Taylor Lautner)

StarStruck (Taylor Lautner)

Okay, I decided to turn this into a story. Also the sequel will be here too. Please enjoy!!

the sequel will start on part 20, and I'll post it on Friday!


I will be editing this story soon!

Chapter 1

Taylor's Back!

by: Today_
3...2...1, I thought waiting anxiously for the bell to ring.

Then just as I had counted, the bell rang. I absolutely hated school, and even more than any other thanks to our uniforms. Lucky for me, today was Friday. I sighed. Eighth grade isn’t fun at all, especially when one of your best friends is gone. My friends not dead or anything like that; he had to go on a "business trip." I mentally laughed. Yeah, a fourteen year old going on a business trip. Never heard that one before.

As I walked home,I noticed an unfamiliar car. Puzzled, I slowly and dramatically walked towards my driveway. I hated having surprise visitors; because it's not the visitor part I's the surprise. I was the never the one for those.

There was someone on my porch sitting on my bench that was right by the entrance of my house. At first I was confused and thought I was hallucinating, but then realized that it was him.

"Taylor!" I yelled as I ran for him and nearly tackled to him.

He laughed at my response as he hugged back, and then pulled away grinning,"
I told you I'd be back."

"Does my mom know?" I asked.

"Yeah, my parents are catching up with them and Makena is watching TV."

"Then let's go inside!"

I dragged him by hand inside and was instantly greeted by an eight year old girl who was for sure Makena.


"Makena," I mocked as I hugged her.

I then went to go greet Mr. and Mrs. Lautner who I've missed. They were like second parents to me. I grew up with them just like I did with Taylor.

Glancing at my dad who was in the kitchen with my mom marinating meat, I'm guessing we’re having a barbeque. I smiled. This Friday can’t get any better.

“So…where’s Sarah?”

I looked at Taylor and gave him a teasing smile,” Why? Do you like her?”

Sarah was my best friend who is crazily obsessed with Taylor, especially now that he came out in “Shark Boy and Lava Girl.” They only talked a bit since Taylor kind of feels uncomfortable with her around. I loved having them around, because it’s funny when Taylor gets annoyed.

“No, it’s just that she’s always with you. It’s a shock not to see her here,” He replied.

“Ah, I see,” I joked.

“Summer, don’t even go there,” He said calling me by my middle name.

He was actually the only one who calls me by my middle name. I guess
because he likes it. Also, since my name is a season it’s a great way to tease me. I just smiled in response.

We talked and caught up. We didn’t really miss anything since he was only gone for a few months and we have been talking on the phone to each other. I couldn't help but feel like he was always staring at me though. I would catch him, and he would look away blushing a bit.

“Are you alright?” I asked.

“Yeah, why?”

“You don’t seem like it,” I shrugged.

“Do you think you’re going to be able to go to school soon?” I asked again.

“I want to, but it depends on my mom if she wants to homeschool me or not,”
He answered.

“Let’s go to my room, it’s getting hot out here.”

We both went up to my room, and I lay in my bed as he sat down beside me. He turned to look at me, “If I do go to school would you be jealous since all girls will want to talk to me?”

I giggled, “Taylor, I’ve never been the jealous type. I thought you’d know that by now.”

“And that’s why I like you,” He said and I was wondering if that had a double meaning to it.

He then got up, and looked at my collage of pictures. Through the mirror, I could see his grinning face. I sat up,” What are you doing?”


“What’s in your hand?” I asked raising my eyebrow knowing that he was looking at me through my mirror.

I looked at the picture in his hands. It was one of me when I got caught off guard. My friend, Bridget, had taken the picture and the only reason why I had it there was because she made me. Other than that, it wasn’t my best picture. I looked towards where he was looking…at the door.

“No,” I whispered as I ran for the door.

He beat me to it, and soon enough we were chasing each other upstairs. I gave up chasing him, and decided to just tackle him. It wouldn’t hurt, because when we were little…we played rough. I landed on top of him, and surrounded him. I let him turn on his back, but that was the only move he could make.

He just laughed and playfully put the picture on his face.

“Taylor Daniel Lautner, hand me that photo now or I will…,” I began but when I went to reach for it, I lost my balance falling on him. I accidentally leaned in as I removed the picture from his hold and he did to. Then he kissed me.

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