Harry potter love story 5!!

Chapter 1

Harry potter- i love you <3

U woke up in harry`s arms.....u to had only being going out for 3 days... and u thought u were in love with him but u didnt want to say it cause u didnt want him to think u were in true love with him. yeah u knew u both had already said it but u and harry had just spoke about it last night and u both knew that u werent really in love yet. U just both really really liked each other. So for now u just had to keep it to urself. And not take any chances.

(~~~ 3 months after you and harry started going out and its ur birthday~~~)

Ur sittin in the commom room and u feel someone come ur eyes.
H: guess who beautiful ??
U: Ron i thought i told u that we can risk anyone finding out!!!
H: what!?!?!?
U: just kinding hun!
H: oh i was gonna say!!
U: u no theres is only u harry! <3
H: (kisses u on the cheek) and u no theres only u __! :)
U: anyway wats up?
H: well i no ur birthday is coimng up on Jan.12th
U: ugh harry i told u i dont want to celabrate..
H: why ur birth is the best thing ever to me...
U: cause i dont want to.
H: ok we wont we will just have a date like we do every saturday..
U: ok:)
H: can i just do something small plzzzz:)
U: no
H: plz
U: no
H: plz
H: ok well can i at least get u something ?
U: i guess if it will if it make u happy ? but nothing that cost alot
H: It would make me very very very happpy!!
U: ok then u can but promise not expensive ?
H: i promise what i give u wont cost me or anyone else anything
U: ok....:)
H: thank you sooo much!!
U: ur welcome u dork :)
H: if i have to b a dork can i be ur dork ?
U: yes ur my dork harry :)
H: yay! well i will c u tomorrow for the day that mean nothin at all
U: huh ? but tomorrow is y birthday /
H: haha i no i got u to act like u care about it haha :)
U: dang it!
H: haha (kiss) I have a (kiss) suprise for (kiss) u tommorrow (kiss)
U: (kiss) but harry.... (kiss)
u love when yall played the peek kiss game. (as harry calls it)
H: Its not (kiss) big
U: Ok so (kiss) is that (kiss) going to (kiss) be my Kiss) present then ?
H: (kiss) nope! (kiss)
then harry ran and u were in shock! u didnt want harry to do alot for ur birthday.
but u knew he was going to anyway. and u knew that u were going to get presents even though u didnt want them but u knew u would have to take them or u would make ur friends sad. and ur family.


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