hey all you guys wanted me to keep going on this story so i took your advice!

Chapter 1

dear my sweet stranger,

dear sweet sweet stranger,...i can't do it any longer i know i said i'd leave but for some weird reason when ever i take a walk to get you out of my mind i find myself infront of your house pearched infront of your bedroom window watching you brush your hair...and picking your nose.... it's like you puls through my veins... mabey it's the bloodand hair samples i harvested from you when while you slept....thats what kept the memory of you alive..or mabey it was watching you pull the heads of your barbies off and slolwy plobing them into a boiling pot... but what ever it is...i just can't forget how i used to sneak into your bathroom and pluck every last hair from your tooth brush nd slowly swollow each one except 70 because those...will go to your shrine right next to your hair and baby teeth...i can't beleive you haven't noticed there gone know i always loved the way you'd have tea party's with your stuffed animals that you hung from the rafters and yelled at them to drink there tea or you'd cut there heads off....just once i wish you'd invit me to come and have some tea and hang me from the rafters like you do with the stuffed animals...or how you used to go and try and make a meal for your family and then sneezed in it and pretended it never happend i always thoufght that was soooo cute!...or mabey just mabey it was how you used to tak in your sleep about philp semor houghmen...or was it michlle jackson....either way i can always recal the words you spoke... your not a girl....philip semor jackson...well who ever it was i always have rememberd it...i even remember when you where dared to go french kiss a dog...that creeped me out a little but hey i guess that dog wasn't picky!....don't worry though i haven't told anyone that you like ticle me elmo and have one in your closet that you play with every night...well i must tell you though that i don't totally enjoy michel jackson or philp semor houghmen but if you dream about them every night then be my guest....i know i told you i'd take down those pictures of you sleeping with the teddy bear and a thumb in your mouth but if i did it would be like forgetting all the time we shared to gether like that time on new years eve oh you looked so cute with that golden top hat on that said happy new year and noise maker in your mouth oh and the time on the forth of july...not a very smart idea to have sparklers in your room was it....i guess you noticed the burned spot on your wall....NO PLEASE DON"T STOP READING NOW I AVE SO MUCH MORE TO SAY!!!! thanks now but did you know that the main center peice in my shrine world be the pages i riped out of your diary....specialy the page here you wrote about how you saw me peaking through your window staring at you while you ate a month old beef sandwhich...but the only real time i can remember hearing you talk to me was that time you opend your window and saw me running away with you trash cans as you yelled" HEY YOU, YOU BETTER BRING THOSE BACK HERE OR ELSE I'M CALLING THE COPS!!!" i never brought them back but hey at lest you talked to me oh wait there was one oter time when you caught me in your shed tryign to find your gardening gloves when you came out and caught me half way out the door and yelled" WHAT THE H3LL DO YOU THINK YOUR DOIN WITH MY GLOVES!!! I'M GONNA GET A RISTRAINING ORDER AGAINST YOU IF YOU DON'T GET BACK HERE!!!" I was over filled with joy that you talked to me that day!!!....but i did return your toe ring and wrist watch...i guess i've gotten to used to watching you and seeing you to leave you so...I'M BACK!!! I KNOW YOU MUST BE BURSTING WITH AS MUCH JOY AS I AM!!!! AND THIS TIME I WILL NEVER EVR LOOK AT A NEW PERSON EVER AGAIN AND ALWAYS WATCH YOU AND SEE YOU!!!!!AS YOU GROW UP!!!! well i gotta go good bye...i shouldn't be saying good bye though i should be saying see you tonight!!
love: your stalker


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