Love, such a silly game we play (Draco Malfoy story) part 28

well here is part 28 and i am currently working on 29
please comment your comments they always give me ideas which is why my story is still going on
and remember if there is something you dont like please feel free to message me, i like constructive criticism! lol pleeaaasssee comment

Chapter 1

Truth Comes Out

by: kinewnew
“Are you sure you’re not well enough to play today?” Ron asked me. It was Wednesday, the day of the Quidditch match, and Harry and Ron were questioning me. Dean would be substituting since Katie came back the day after break. She said she didn’t know who gave her necklace, even though I knew, and I knew Harry had a thought of who it could be. Speaking of Dean, him and Ginny had broken up. I could tell Harry was very excited about that news. I was still vomiting and Hermione’s thoughts were confirmed, I could feel his kicking in my abdomen. But worse I was starting to develop a baby bump, and I’m just glad no one acknowledged that fact. I’ve been thinking about telling Harry and Ron about my pregnancy, but there reactions were one that I was afraid of most. Especially Ron’s, I knew his would be the worse. “Yes, Ron I’m not playing. But don’t worry; I’m pretty sure you and Harry are going to nail this. Especially since Katie is back.” I assured him. “Yea, Katie, pity she didn’t see who gave her the necklace,” Ron said mouth full of toast. I just nodded and turned towards the Slytherin table. Draco’s eyes lit up as he noticed me looking at him. I gave him a small smile before turning my head. “Adriana you are going to watch the game right? I think I’d feel a lot better if I knew you were there,” Ron told me. “Don’t worry, of course I’ll watch, and I’ll be sure to cheer you and Harry on,” I told him with a smile. “That’s good Adriana, but Ron and I have to get down to the Quidditch field, so we’ll see you two later,” Harry said while pulling Ron away from his plate of food. I turned towards Hermione, “So when are you going to tell Draco, because you better do it soon before it gets to noticeable.” Hermione told me. “Well I was thinking about telling him after the match. Though I really don’t want to, Hermione you know this is the toughest decision I have had to make for awhile.” I told her truthfully. “Don’t worry Adriana, I know you can get through this,” Hermione tried to assure me. But I only sighed and started to head down to the Quidditch stands. I felt a kick in my stomach and my hands immediately went down to cradle it. I only stopped when Hermione said that people would start noticing. I immediately sat down when reached the stands. The game had begun and I noticed that Draco wasn’t playing either. Nor was he in the stands. The game had lasted 4 hours and we were ahead by 50 points before Harry finally caught the snitch. I jumped up to start cheering, but my stomach lurched. I guess Hermione noticed my change in fatigue because she pulled out her wand and my discomfort was instantaneously over. Hermione swung her arm around my shoulder and guided me back to the Gryffindor common room. We were stopped by a Slytherin first year, “Are you Adriana? She asked me. I nodded suspiciously, “take this,” she said with a sneer and shoved a piece of paper in my hands. Ahh, Slytherins have so much hostility. Adriana, meet me in the room of requirement at 10 pm. The note wasn’t signed but I knew who it was. And apparently so did Hermione, “Adriana, this is perfect now you can tell him about your dilemma,” Hermione pressed. I nodded and we continued to head towards the Gryffindor tower. The scene inside the common room wasn’t very surprising; they threw a party for us winning the Quidditch match. I scanned the room and noticed Ron and Lavender were arguing, and Harry was in a corner snogging….. Ginny. It really wasn’t surprising, and now it’s just a matter of time before Ron and Hermione starts snogging in a corner. I sat to myself for awhile, not wanting to talk to anyone, and to just think of how to tell Draco the news. I glanced at the clock and it was 15 minutes to. I exited the common room unnoticed and made my way towards the 7th floor. As I approached the room, I noticed Draco lingering outside. I took a deep breath as I continued to get closer, my heart fluttering in my chest. I walked up to him and noticed his face light up. I felt bad; I really didn’t want to tell him, what if he hated me for it. What if he would want me to get rid of my baby, there was no I was going to let that happened. I went into his opened arms and felt him kiss the top of my head. He led me into the room of requirement. It was as beautiful as it always is when I go in there with Draco. Beautiful red room, hearts everywhere, candles lit, and a love seat couch. He pulled me into him and brought his lips towards mine, but I turned my head away. “Draco, I think we should talk,” I told him looking away, not wanting to meet his eyes. “There is something I’ve wanted to ask you Adriana,” Draco told me. I took a seat and he was still standing facing me. “Draco I think I should go first,” I told him. “I guess it’s true what they say,” he told me, not even paying attention to the last words I said. “About what?” I asked him. “That pregnant women glow, and that the glow made the even more beautiful. It was all true, because I never seen anyone as a beautiful as you are,” I looked up surprised, only to notice that Draco was down on one knee. “Adriana Elizabeth Smith, I’ve never been close to any girl like I am with you. I never told anyone besides Mother that I loved them. I’ve never had that feeling where I wanted a girl to be by my side at all times. I’ve never felt worry for someone. I’ve never been able to express my feelings for anyone. But all of that’s changed since I met you. Adriana I love you, and I want to know will you accept my promise ring?” Draco asked. I stared at him opened mouthed.


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