An Opening To Happiness (Joe Jonas Love Story) Part 4

Thanks for all the great comments everyone!! Hope you all had a wonderful New Years... HAPPY 2011 ♥

Chapter 1

Part 4

The next night you are finally all moved in and ready to start your new life! You have the best view of downtown LA.... "your mom knocks at your door" ..uh yeah come in! She walks in with a plate of cookies, hey hon you haven't ate much since we got here, want some? You took one as your mom took a seat on your bed. So I happened to see you talking to a guy while I was walking back to get you in the airport. You laughed, oh yeah his name is Joe. Well Em maybe get to know him, hes a cutie. You give your mom a soft push, pleasee mother! She laughs, well Imma hit the hay. nightie night. She kisses your forehead and shuts the door. You sigh and look down at your cellphone, hmm maybe I should text him, "you thought"... you put him in your contact list and push "send message" -smooth way of giving me your number.. so thought I would say heyy! :)... Joe-EMMA! I thought you would never text me, heyyy! You-what are you up to? Joe- ohh just thinking of you. I wanna see you! When you read the text you got instant butterflies like you used to in junior high.. ahh geez. You-I am open anytime Joe- Can I meet you at Westpoint Mall tomorrow? You- yes! I would love that :) Joe-see you tomorrow pretty Emma♥ shut your phone and smiled. A heart?!


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