why bother ?? (damon salvatore)

why bother ?? (damon salvatore)

Hehe i always wanted to write this lol i have 6 cahapters wrote already so im panning on continueing. yeah comment and rate pleeeaaassseee

charachter info
lives :moving to fells church today
best friends: elana bonnie
parent: died in a plane crash
eyes: brown
hair: browny red
quite skinny.
above pic is ivy

Chapter 1

the sighting

Great a monday ! I hate mondays. whoever invented them should die. ugh i cant believe my aunt demands we get up at 7 on a monday morning to move house. were moving to some incosequential town wherew there was probably no such thing as a mall and no fit guys... she was making me leave my best mates. i really dont wanna go but i had too :(. as we pull up to the house i guesss it wasnt so bad it waas bigger than our old appartment and it had stables. i walk inside and grab the biggest bedroom. i start unpacking. when i was done my aunt called me down. i went downstairs and my aunt put a blindfolld over my eyes and said she has 2 suprises for me. so she heads out and down what felt like a dirt path she stopped and took off the blindfold . i was left looking at a bueatiful brown stallion with a black mane and tail i started screaming and jumped on my aunt for a trhank you. she let me lead the horse to the stables and put the fold back on she led me back towards the house and when she stopped and took off the fold the was a brand new black lamborginy* (sp) and she said i doubt your new school has a stable so i bought you a car aswell i couldnt believe it. i thanked her and she left me i ran back to the stables and gear up... ill call him blue jeans lol... and went out for a ride i was out for hours and i brushed him down when i was done. ive always wanted a horse but we never had the room to out one anywhere. maybe moving here wasnt so bad after all. i went to my room and pulled out my book night world i loved this book it was sooo sweeet.at about 12 i fell asleep. thinking about how im gonna handle school tomorrow.

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