This is the same story just had to change it to a single author story

Chapter 1

The Kidnapping

"No, i never wanna see you again! Get out of my room, NOW!!" I screamed. "Marcie, dear, I'm sorry." Luara pleaded, stirring her drink with her finger. "I don't care, leave me alone! I hate you! You're not my mother and why? Why didn't you tell me that my father was killed. You said he went 'away'. I had to find out from a newspaper." I yelled, my eyes filling with tears.

Laura sighed, looked at the pale brown carpet, and took a sip of her drink. "Oh im soooo sorry. Am i making you feel bad?" I said with mock symapthy. "Well if you didnt make stupid mistakes Daddy wouldn't have left in the first place." "So its my fault? It is NOT my fault that your father is dead!" She screamed. "Everything is your fault." I said as i got off my bed.
I brushed past her to step out of my room and, in the process, knocked the drink out of her hand. I ran out the front door. I stopped at the end of the driveway and looked around. Then i decided it was safe to run some more. The crisp, cool air stung my cheeks and made my eyes water even worse.
I finally made it to the park, and sat down on one of the cold, hard bences. I cried with my head in my hands until i heard someone approach me. I looked up to see a short, slim figure in a black cloak, but i saw one feature i could easily recognize. Long, curly, platinum blonde hair. "Laura i told you to leace me alone. Why don't you just disappear or something??" I asked. "Come home." Laura ordered firmly.

"No." I said coldly. "No i would rather live in a cardboard box than go back to that place with you." The setting autumn sun was just barely visible over the tree line. "You are a 15 year old and I am the adult so you listen to me. Come home." my stepmother said with an icey glare. "No!!" I yelled as I got up to run some more.

Just as i was about to take the first step, i felt someone reach out and grab the hood of my black checkered hoodie. As i plummeted to the gritty dirt i saw something I'll never forget. The clouds seemed to make a "crossbones" sing. You know, the one they put on Windex and stuff. The one that means poison. Then, below that, i noticed where the clouds seemed to make a perfectly written "YOU" in all capital letters. I know what you're think, my imagination. Well it wasn't. It was a sign. I know that now.

I jumped up and spun around and in the process hit Laura in the stomach. Then I looked her directly in the eye as she backslapped me right in the face. Oh no she didnt! How dare she. Ooh she was going to wish she hadnt done that I thought as I lunged toward her.

Then, once again, I felt myself falling backwards but this time a dark bag when over my head and strong hands picked me up. I kicked and screamed but no one heard or was willing to listen. It was like being trapped in a glass container without being able to see out. The I felt myself being tosses into some sort of van or something and being driven away. "I hope your happy, Laura" I said to myself between sobs. Later, i found that we had stopped.

The person who had kidnapped me, got me out of the van firmly grasping my wrists like handcuffs. Then he slowly led me into some sort of building. I guess it was like a hallway since I couldnt see much. Then I began to hear voices. The voices of two men playing a game. "Royal Flush, I win!!" said a voice, wheezing heavily. "Whatever." The other voice said.

"Hey-hey guys, I found somethin'." my captor said, as we came to a stop at the end of the hall. He took the bag off of my head and i immediately looked around. We were in what looked to be an emptied out warehouse. My captors were of different ages; one about 16, one about 30 and the other about 55. "Alright fellas," the 55 year old said. "Tie her up, NOW!"

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