Harry potter love story 8!!

Chapter 1

Harry potter- lazy day

You wake-up in harry`s arms. He still asleep and he looks sooooo adorable/adorkable! You try to stand up but all the sudden you were pulled back down to face harry.
H: where do you think ur going love?
U: i didnt know i was gonna take a picture of u sleeping with me brand new professional camera. Cause you just looked so cute.
H: well thank you
U: haha! You hair looking so funny it all messy! :)
H: dont hate on the hair!
U: im not i thnk it looks cutie!
H: thank you
U; haha. so what are me doing to today?
H: well its Sunday and we dont have anything to do and i can lock Ron out the room and me and you can stay in here all day.
U: that sounds amazing but can we fit going on the trail to Hagrids and taking picture a little later i want to get some new picture on nature and maybe hagrid could take some pictures of us.
H: what ever you want love
U: yay! so do you want to to watch a movie ?
H: Sure! and we can also eat some icecream during the movie !
U: yay!!!
H: ok what movie ?
U:ummmm lets see mayb.. killers with ashton whatever or that one the notebook
H: which one do you want babe ?
U: well killers is like action and notebook is romance so idk i love both u pick.
H:well it 12:00 now and if we watch both well be do at 5:30 and you cant get ready and were can start walking to hagrid at about 6:15 sound good ?
U: amazing! :)
H:great so you get the movies ill get to things of ur favorite ice-creams out (cookie dough and Oreo)
U: okie dokie
you got up and brushed ur hair so it was so crazy looking and then got the 2 movie and put the notebook in. Harry had got the ice cream and sat back on the bed. You ran over and plopped on the bed.
H: what movie 1st ?
U: the notebook
H: the romance ?
U: yep
H: nice maby it can give me ideas
U:shush harry!
u hit him playful and crawl in his lap.He kissed ur forehead and yall both eat icecream and laughed and shooted and kissed a little here and there and be for you knew it you had watched both movies. And it was time to get ready. you slipped on jeans and put ur hair in a ponytail with a ribbon and put onm ur favorite long sleve shirt and jacket. Grab your camera and you and harry were out the door.


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