A Glee Love Story(Chapter 8 Out)

Everyone's doing it! lol. This isn't your average love story. Read it and then tell me what you think of it.When you get to chapter 6 skip to chapter eight and then back to 7. I sorta messed up. Also 20 comments for double chapters!!!

Chapter 1

Samuel Brendon Ross Urie

by: medabee

My name is Sam Urie. I'm 15, about 5' 7, gay, and like the color blue. I'm not a normal person. I'm not saying I have freakish abilities or anything like that. No. It's just I've had a weird life. I've been an orphan from the start of five and became adopted by a gay couple when I was 13. What? There's nothing wrong about being adopted by a gay couple! It hasn't changed me. I'm still myself. Well, at 13 I was adopted by a gay couple: Brendon Boyd Urie and George Ryan Ross the third. Sounds fancy, but in reality my adoptive grandfather, George Ryan Ross the second, abused drugs and alcohol and abused my adoptive grandmother. Okay, enough sad talk. My adoptive dads said we're moving to a new town. I always for get the name. They were thinking in putting me in school groups slash programs. Brendon said glee club would be a good one. I like singing. I love Katy Perry. Her voice is amazing! Today was the first day I go to glee club. I walk through the door. There's some kids sitting in dull green benches and chairs. There was some cheerleaders in it. A few of them seemed to be in the football team. I took a look at the guys. One had a small mohawk and tan skin. Another was blonde and had long hair. There was a girl who kept glancing at a guy with thick brown hair and broad shoulders. The guy did the same. They seemed mad at each other. The teacher approaches me and shakes my hand.

"Okay, guys I'd like you to meet. Samuel Brendon, uh, Urie!" An applause broke out. There was a few cheers.

"Mr. Schu! Is he replacing Kurt?" said a cheerleader with blonde hair. There was a few chuckles.

Mr.Schu replied "No, Brittany, Sam is not replacing Kurt." The blonde cheerleader shrugged in her chair.

"So I guess you can have a seat Mr. Urie." Mr.Schu pointed me to an empty seat. He started walking up to the wooden piano. I took a seat. Mr. Schu began to say:

"Okay guys! It's a new year and that means we're a new glee club. Don't worry we're still New Directions! We just need to change are energy a little bit. Um, Sam."

The guy with long blonde hair spoke, "Yeah, Mr. Schu?"

Mr. Schu chuckled slightly, "Oh, no, sorry, I meant our new member, Sam."

The other Sam shrugged. "Oh, I thought you meant me."

"Yeah, sorry, anyways, Mr. Urie? What's your favorite band or song?"

I didn't know what to say. I loved all kinds of music. So i just said, "Um, from what I can think of, Panic! At The Disco, I Write Sins Not Tragedies?"

I heard a few whispers of "yes". Someone from the benches walked off the benches and walked to the piano and started playing the keys to the beginning of the song. Many eyes were staring at me. They wanted me to sing! I couldn't. I wouldn't! I just looked down and closed my eyes. I let the sound of the piano chords fill me. I took a deep breathe. I started to sing, "Oh, well imagine. As I'm pacing the pews in a church corridor and I can't help but to hear" I continued on until I reached the part, "Haven't you people ever hear of closing the goddam door no!" There was a slam at the door. A creepish man looking woman stood at the door. I froze completely. The man-woman walked to Mr. Schu. Mr. Schu had an eruptive look. From their whispers I heard: "Schuster! What do you think you're doing!"

"I'm letting our new member to feel at home in Glee club, what's it to you?"

"You can't let him sing songs from MY Panic! I have full-rights to those songs. It's in my contract."

"Yeah, well, why don't you go somewhere else and brag about your contract."

"I've already have. But this is the only place I haven't bragged about my contract. I didn't really want to come in her because I thought you glee club were sacrificing spare runt piglets, but then I heard one of your monsters singing one of my songs! That's when I had to barge in here and out a stop to it! Now if you don't mind, I'll be leaving."

Mr. Schu was going red. After a few minutes he calmed down and started to say, "That was excellent singing Mr. Urie." I blushed a little bit. I don't think anyone noticed. He continued, "Okay, so it's been decided. This week we're doing Panic! At The Disco!"

One of the girls raised her hand. "But Mr. Schu! Sui said we couldn't. It's in her contract!"

"What isn't in her contract." Mr. Schu pounded one of the stools. "It's time for Glee club to have a New Year's Resolution: To be careless about Sui's comments and statements. Okay, we're almost close to regionals people, come on! We can let one person ruin it for us! So what do you say?" He stoke his hand out. Slowly everybody went and out there hand in. Even I did. I made me feel special, being in Glee club. "Glee club on three, ready? 1...2.. GLEE CLUB!!!" Everyone's hands flew out and cheers rose. The bell rang. "Okay guys but remember you can do this solo or in groups. It doesn't matter as long as people sing." My first day of glee club went well. I sung my favorite song, I finally had a place were I could be myself, and just the feeling of being in there felt good.

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