A weasley twins love story: are you the one? (girls only, read intro)

This is my first time writing a story like this, so go easy on me. Anyways, you're a first year, and Fred and george are in the same year as you. Please comment and rate, and enjoy! ^_^

Other info. Your owl is a girl named nutmeg.
you are a half blood, your mom is a muggle, and your dad is a wizard from the slithering house.
you never see your dad for reasons that will be revealed to you throughout the story. =D

Chapter 3

a new point of veiw

~Fred's Point of view~

"hey, where'd you get that hat?" i asked. "From... a friend" _ answered slowly as if she was afraid to tell me something. i turned to george, "hey, doesnt that look like the hat that i lost when Dad took us to work that one time a few years ago?" i asked him. We both glanced at _ for a minute. "i guess it resmbles it..." george answered starting to think. -for once- " But there are so many hats out there like that, so _ probably isnt that girl you saw." he finished, of course knowing why i was concerned with the hat. "I guess youre right," i said not totally convinced. but i kept staring at _, trying to figure her out. Everytime she would look my way, i would try to look like i hadnt been staring, but i know that she knew i was.
Suddenly George poked my shoulder, saying " hey Fred, there's Percy, he's looking proud as ever! what do you say we wipe that smug look off his face, if you know what i mean?" George winked, but he didnt need to. Our faces split into identical smiles. "Shall we," "liven up this boring old train?" we exclaimed together.
"well, ive got plenty of time to figure out this little mystery of mine, after all, we've got a year at hogwarts right? No sense in wasting this precious time without teachers worrying!" i think. "So, george, what do we have up our sleeves today?"

~George's point of veiw~

"Oh no, if i dont do something fast our last few hours of freedom willl be wasted!" i shouted in my head. it wasnt like fred to sit quietly. its just so unnatural!!! i knew i had to think of something to lighten the mood. "What do you say we wipe that smug look off his face, if you know what i mean?" i said winking at him. i knew he got the message, because he was slowly returning to the fred i knew and loved! "So george, what do we have up our sleeves today?" He asked obviously getting more into this rare opportunity.
"Well, fred...this little scheme wont work without a little cooperation from _." i said just loud enough for her to hear. She looked up curiosly. "What do you say _?" i asked. She nodded her head yes slowly. Fred and i smiled. "okay then, here's what were gonna do..."

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