A weasley twins love story: are you the one? (girls only, read intro)

This is my first time writing a story like this, so go easy on me. Anyways, you're a first year, and Fred and george are in the same year as you. Please comment and rate, and enjoy! ^_^

Other info. Your owl is a girl named nutmeg.
you are a half blood, your mom is a muggle, and your dad is a wizard from the slithering house.
you never see your dad for reasons that will be revealed to you throughout the story. =D

Chapter 27


~Fred's point of view~

We were all just getting off of the train, and heading towards mum, when ___ turned to me. Fred, thank you so much for everything. I know vie said it a lot already, but I figured I can never thank you enough..." before I could protest, she leaned in and gave me a small kiss on the cheek. Even just from that I felt my face flush. ___ laughed, and ran towards mum.
this is going to be a great summer... I thought happily as I walked to mum, the spot where her lips had touched was tingling slightly.
I can feel it!


hey everybody, I know this was the shortest chapter evar, but just to let you know, I will continue this. I'm just going to make it a different story so that this one doesn't get any longer than it already is. It going to be called "A weasley twins love story: year 2" I know, original name right? (note the sarcasm) :P but since none of harry's adventures are starting yet in their second year, I need some ideas! Please leave any you might have in the comments plz! I'll acknowledge you in the story if I use your idea! Thank you again, and I hope you continue to read my work. ^_~

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