A weasley twins love story: are you the one? (girls only, read intro)

This is my first time writing a story like this, so go easy on me. Anyways, you're a first year, and Fred and george are in the same year as you. Please comment and rate, and enjoy! ^_^

Other info. Your owl is a girl named nutmeg.
you are a half blood, your mom is a muggle, and your dad is a wizard from the slithering house.
you never see your dad for reasons that will be revealed to you throughout the story. =D

Chapter 2

Heading off

"is there anything else you need before we go?" mom asks. "wait just a sec, I'll be right back" I say, remembering something.
I race up the stairs into my room, probably for the last time until break. I grab an old blue baseball cap, and race down the stair once again and into the waiting car. I hold the cap closely. "_, why do you bring that old cap wherever you go?" mom asks me. I don't reply, but we both know that this hat is special to me.
~Begin flashback~

"Mom? Where are you?! I yell frantically. I'm in a part of town that I hadn't bee to before, which I would later find was right next to the ministry if magic entrance. "Mom?! Mom?!" I continue to scream. Suddenly a person bumps into me, knocking me to the ground. I try pulling myself up, but person after person pushes me down, completely oblivious to whether or not I was there. Just as I was giving up hope, a young boy about my age, wearing a blur cap came and pulled me up. He smiled, and walked me out of the crowded area, never letting go of my hand. Waiting there was my mom, I ran to her relieved to finally be reunited. I turned to see the boy was gone. All that was left as proof that he really existed was the blue cap. I've held onto it since then, hoping that maybe I could find that person again and thank him.

~flashback over~

We finally arrived at the train station, and I rolled my trolley carrying my luggage, and nutmeg to platforms 9 and 10. I was confused. How could there be a platform 9 and 3/4? I asked a lot of people, but they all just looked at me like I needed serious help.
Until I came across a couple with a lot of kids, all of them had red hair. "yes, we know where the platform is dear. Just watch Percy," she told me.
A boy a few years older than me ran towards the pillar in between both platforms and disappeared. I guess the rest of the family must have caught the look on my face, because the twins started to giggle. But before I knew it I was running throughout the seemingly solid wall, and facing a brilliant train. I stared slack jawed in amazement until the giggling twins from before broke my concentration.
"you'd better get on the train," one said "or you'll be left behind!" the other finished immediately. We all got on the train, and found a compartment.
The twins began talking immediately, "so, what's your name?" they asked in unison. "I'm _" I say quietly, still awestruck from everything today.
"I'm fred," the one on the right said. " and this is George" Fred said pointing to the twin on the left.
I remained silent, and hugged the cap closer.
"hey, where'd you get that hat?" Fred asked quizzically. "from... A Friend," I answered picking my words wisely. After that the twins began to have silent conversations glancing over at one another, and then back to me. I continued to stare at them, wondering what they were talking about, and why it involved me.

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