Harry potter love story 7!!

Chapter 1

harry potter- the best birthday

You went to your room to get ready. You put on put dress that fred got me green my heels that went great with my dress. Curled my hair and did my make up and then out on my white half sleeve cover up. You looked at the clock it was time to go. You walked out the front door to go meet harry. You got there and harry hug you from behind.
H: hello love
U: hello
H: so are you ready to open presents
U: sure
he walks you to the counter and picks you up and put you on a stool there are 3 presents one the counter one from harry one from ur mom and dad and on from your cousin
U: harry thank you for this little birthday
H: Ur welcome and if i didnt tell you look amazing
U: no you didnt but thank you
H: ur welcome but these arent you only gifts are you ready for the other ones
U: huh?
the room lights up and everyone goes: SUPRISE!!!
U: omg!!
H: i knew you would love it
U: hahaha! thank you (kiss)
H; ur welcome
everyone was there Ron, Hermione, Luna, Ginny, Fred, George, Nevile, Hagrid, Cedric, and even Dumbelore and McGonagall were there!
Hermione: Time for presents!!!
U: ok!! :)
Hermione: mine 1st
you opened the present it was 2 necklaces they were both hearts one said Hermione and one said _. You open them both and it sang magic by b.o.b you and Hermiones favorite song.
Her:i bought them and then did a spell that makes them sing are favorite song as it change is or when u r doing something and you open it sings a song that fits the moment :)
Then you went on the to ur parents who got u a awesome camera. 2 new scrape books from ur cousin. Luna got you a great smelling bottle of perfume!
Ginny got you an i tunes gift card for 25 dollars. George got you some sweet and prank stuff. :) Ron got you a moving picture frame with photos of you ur friends and you harry. Cedric got u a giftcard to your favorite store for 30 dollars. Hagrid got you a dvd player. McGonagall gave you a mirror that shows you anything you want to see. (ex. if you were in ur room at night at you wwanted to see harry u just tell it and it would show you him) And lastly dumbledore gave you you r dad old invisible coat and your dads watch that can do much more than tell time. And then you got to harry`s gift.
H: i hope you like
U: i`m sure i will
H:lets hope.
you opened it and i was a ring around. This ring had diamonds all on the out side and on the inside it said: __
i will love you forever and always - harry <3
U: Oh its amazing!! thank u i love it!!
H: my dad gave it to my mom on her birthday when they went out and i had it and im in love with you so i had to give it to you. I just changed the name from lilly to _ and the james to harry and added the and always
the whole crowd went awwww!
U: i love you to :)
ur eyes were tearing up alittle and you could bearly speak but after a minute u were ok again and the party went on after everyone left it was about 12:30am.
H: did you have a good time ?
U: yep!! i had a wonderful time!!
H: im glad
U: do you want me to tell you how welcome i am....
H: yess i do :)
u grabbed harry and push urself against him hard and kissing him. he put his hands on ur hips and felt ur hips up and down his his was passionate and loving. it was the sweetest things he picked you up and you rapped ur legs around his waist. And he carried you to his room and though u down on his bed. You kiss and kiss and then you woke up ron.
R; hey love birds shush would you!
H and U: sorry
u stand up to leave and harry sits you back down
H: stay spend the night here
U; i dont have any pjs and im in a a dress here
so he gave u on of his shirts for you to sleep in and gave u a pair of shorts you leafed over here the other night.
H: better ??
U: much
You turn over and he put his arms around your waist and pulled you in close and u feel asleep in his arms as he keeping whispering i love you in ur ear...<3


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