Why Fang? Part 3 ( A Maximum Ride Story)

Why Fang? Part 3 ( A Maximum Ride Story)

Heyy!! Here's part 3 of 'Why Fang?' mwahahahhaha.....

Commmennntterriiooo!! :D Ratee tell me what cha want in the story
blah blah blah the usual intro cr@p stuff...

Hope you guys like it!<33

P.S Remember Fang and Max r like 15 and Dr. B!tch is like.. 21. So..ya :P

Chapter 1

Down with the Dogs

Fang. Dr. Brigid. Together..... kissing. It tore my heart apart to see them. Fang was braced against the wall, while Dr. Astonishing was all over him. They were making out, Fang's arms wrapped around her waist, pulling her into him. They broke away but only to have Dr. Mind-blowing slobbering all over his neck. Fang looked up and caught my eye, his face blank. It's like I could feel his thoughts towards me. This is what you deserve, It's karma Max, I love her like I loved you, You broke my heart and now I'm breaking yours, the thoughts thrown towards me with just a glance, at his face.

Then Dr. Astounding kissed him again and when he kissed back it was like she, literally, melted into him. I looked away in disgust. Not to mention, hurt, despair, confusion, anger. I've never felt this way before, it was startling. Fang then distangled himself from Dr. I'm-Making-Out-With-Fang-And-I'm-6-years-older-than-him. She turned around to see me. Dr. -Beep- gasped, and straightened out her clothes self-conciously. "I-I didn't see you there Max" She stuttered, clearly surprised. "Yeah, whatever." I said peeved, glaring at Fang. He just stood there with a blank look on his face. "I'll be back." He said as he walked away. "Bye, Fang!" Dr. Incredible beamed, before trying to peck his cheek. Fang deftly dodged and kept walking. Leaving Dr. Talented in the dust, yet I felt no sympathy towards her. When you get down with the dogs, you're sure to get dirty. I glanced at her one last time, before I headed towards Fang.

I could hear the snaps of twigs in front of me, while I gradually caught up to him. I grabbed his shoulder and, roughly, turned him around. "Fang." I said, seething. I looked into his dark eyes now bright with anger, different than the usual warmth that he held when he gazed at me. He didn't answer. "Fang!" I said louder pushing him. But Fang was no gentleman. Fang grabbed me and pushed me against a tree. My eyes widened a fraction because the end of a tree branch had digged into my skin, but I wouldn't let Fang see my pain. "What?" He snarled, his hot breath on my neck. "What is your problem?" I asked looking at him, dead in the eye. "My Problem? MY PROBLEM? YOU ARE MY PROBLEM." He exclaimed, his voice rising. "Ho-" I got cut off as Fang crushed his lips against mine. I was startled for a second, before I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him closer. Kissing Fang was like breathing, natural. His hand's which were on my waist, tightened as he slanted his head this way and that, trying to kiss me deeply. Just as I was enjoying it, he pulled away abruptly. I raised an eyebrow. He glared at me, guess he hasn't forgiven me yet. "Your such a tease Max. Kiss me now and run away tomorrow." He spat angrily before jumping and flying away, shooting me one last glance of hatred.

Fang's POV

I flew away from Max, needing some time to figure everything out. I'd kissed Dr. Brigid, yes. But I'd rather it was Max. It's not like I didn't enjoy kissing Dr. Brigid, I mean I'm a guy. But she was just to clingy, she'd think one kiss would mean were together forever. Max was my true soulmate, but she's so stubborn. I don't care My concience said. Sure, I was mad at Max. But I knew that'd after everything we'd been through, I'd come flying back, into her arms. She had something. Maybe it was her, strength, her power to never give up. Maybe it was how her face softened when she looked at me, with admiration. Maybe it was even her stubborness! All I know is that it's not just because beautiful, cause she sure is. The way her chocolate colored eyes brighten when there's a fight, the way her silky brown hair with blonde highlights whips behind hre when shes flying, how she's so graceful when she lifts off. I just couldn't stop thinking about her. As I flew towards the sunset, I thought

Maybe it was time to change.

TBC- Comment and Rate! ~cici18roxursox, Cici :D!

Sorry it was short, I couldn't think of anything to write! But I'll try to make it longer next time :).<3


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