Could This be Love? A Fred Weasley Love Story.Year 1 (Chapter 13 now out!)

Hey Ya'll I got bored with the other story so here.
Things you ought to know
Your name is Jessica Nicole Sine
You have brown/black hair
And light brown eyes
Your 5'4"
You have a dad and a brother. Your mum died when you were two and your brother was just born.
Oh and i'm telling the story as if I were you(: Please enjoy and comment!
Sorry if it takes so long to fall in love! I mean c'mon there in there first year right now! J.k. waited till they were in there sixth:P So thanks:)

Chapter 1

Getting the letter.

Hey there! My name is Jessica Sine. Today is sadly another normal day in the house of Sines It feels like somethings going to happen but I don't think so. I don't belong here. Cause i'm not normal. I could do things that scares everyone else. Except my dad. I think he knows something that I don't. One time when I was three I made him levitate because he wouldn't let me have a cookie. Another incident was were I was six and a kid in preschool stole my crayons. That got me so mad that the crayons started attacking him!
But anyways let's get back to the present. It was 10:00 am and I just woke up. What it's summer break cut me some slack! I was getting dressed but then my dad called for me.
"Jess! Get down here!" He called
"Dad what did I do this t-" But then I saw that he was smiling? "Why are you so smiley?"
"Oh, no reason, just this." He pulled out an envelope from the mail and handed it to me. I just looked at it puzzled. "Open it."
I turned it around and I saw a red waxed crest on it. I opened the letter and started to read it out loud "Dear Miss Sine. We would like to inform you that you have been excepted at Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry?" I glanced up and him and his eyes were beckoning me to continue. "First term will start on August 31st" Ugh why always on my birthday does school have to start?! "The following equiptment that you will need are listed on the following page." I took a moment to grasp the concept. But I couldn't hold it in. "I"M A WITCH!!! I"M A WITCH!!!" I was to excited. "Dad I'm a witch! That explains all the weird things that I can do!."
"I know." He said looking at me smiling gently"I've always known."
"What do you mean?"
"Your mother. Yes your mother. She was a witch also. But 9 year ago after she had your brother she had to go back to work in the ministry and a dark wizard He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named's followers went and killed her." His eyes were starting to water. "I didn't know if you would be a witch because well i'm not."
"Dad what ever happened to him? The dark wizard."
"None of us know. Only that he disapeared after trying to kill your little cousin Harry."
"Wait so he's the one that killed Aunt Lily and Uncle James! That means-"
"Yes they were all wizards and he's a wizard too. But he doesn't know yet, Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon are trying to keep it from him."
"That's horrid!" You said in outrage.
"Yes but i'm sure he'll find out in two years when he gets his exceptince letter just like you."
Then my nine-year-old little brother walked in. "What's going on?"
I looked at my dad then he nodded aproval of telling him "Oh Jason! I'm a witch!" I said waving the letter around.
"That's not fair! I want to be a witch!"
"Ha Ha first of all, you'd be a wizard and you have to wait till your eleven like I did to find out." And then he stuck his tounge and I stuck mine out right back. "But dad were are we to get these things?" I said referring to the second sheet of paper. "A couldren, uniform, pet, wand wear am I suppose to get a wand?"
"Oh I think I know just the family that can help you with that. Go get Sydney." So I went to go get her, she was a beautiful black owl that had white wings. I never knew why we had her but I guess now's that time to find out.
By the time I got down there my dad was finished writing a letter and stuck it to Sydney's leg. "Take it to the Weasley's." and then she was off.
Ohh they are for sending letters! "Dad who are the Weasley's?" I asked.
"Oh don't worry they are just family friends,we used to be so close until-
"Mum died.."I finished the sentece for him.
"Ye well, why don't we celebrate with a nice big breakfast? Jay how about some waffles?!" my dad asked
"Yeah Yeah! With the fruit toppings and whipped cream!" He answered back enthusiastically. I couldn't help but laugh. I helped my dad prepare breakfast also with great enthusiasm, I couldn't wait for school! For once.

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