~Never Say Never~A Justin Bieber Love Story~Chap.3

Ok this one may be a tad bit long but you guys wanted more so i gave you more!!!!! Hope ya like it!!!! =]

Chapter 1

Chapter 3

With that he leaned in and kissed me on my cheek.
"Bye Mia" he said
"Bye Justin" i said
Then as i started walking up the stairs, the door bell rung again. I opened the door and it was Justin again.
"Hey Justin"
"Hi i was just wonderin if i......... can have........ your.. um.... phone number" he asked shyly
''Of course you can'' i said
We swaped phones and put our numbers in each others phone.
"Well i will see you tomorrow'' he said
''Ok see ya tomorrow'' i said
I shut the door again and went up the stairs to my room. When i went into my room and looked at the clock and it said 10:47.
'Wow' i thought to myself. When i laid down on my bed i was out like a light.
~Next Day~
I woke up to feel someone pulling my hair. I turned to see Lily pulling my hair..really hard.
"Lily can you stop that''i said playfully tapping her hands away from my hair
''Sure thing sissy'' she said stoping
I looked at the clock and it said 8:38am
''Why did you wake me up this early?'' i asked lily
''Justin told me to so you can go over to his house decorate his room'' she said
''When did he tell you this?'' i asked
''An hour ago''she said
"Well did mom and dad leave?'' i asked
''Wow you ask alot of questions and mom left and daddy's in his office'' she said
''Thanks and one last question'' i said
''ok'' she said
''Do you want to help with Justin's room'' i asked
''Yea i thought you never ask'' she said as i helped her out of my bed
''Ok after i get dressed i will help you get dressed ok?'' i said
"Ok'' she said and went into her room
I walked to my closet and picked this out~ http://www.polyvore.com/never_say/set?id=26525715
Then i walked over to Lily's room and help her pick out her outfit. She ened up wearing this~ http://www.avenue7.com/Outfit/LILY/36c03f1b-79bf-4f99-a707-8109a4c38a5f. Then we both went downstairs to my dad's office to tell him where we are going to be. [Office~ http://www.hgtv.com/designers-portfolio/room/contemporary/living-rooms/4095/index.html#/id-1488/room-home-offices/style-eclectic]
''Hey daddy'' i said while entering his office
''Hey duaghter'' he said
''This daughter has a name ya know'' i said laughing
''Well i know that, so MIA can i help you'' he said
''Nope just came to say that im going over to the neighbor house for a while.''
''Your mom called and said that Liam said that you need to go to the studio at 1:00, k'' he said to me
''Well is that all you need?''
"Lily is coming with me and that's all, bye daddy''
"Bye Daughter" he said while laughing
I walked into the living room to see Lily watching spongebob on tv.
''Come on Lils we are leaving''
''Ok so how are we going to redecorate his room''
''I know some people who can help us''
''Well ok''
We walked over to Justin's house and knocked on the door. After a few seconds Justin opened the door .
''Hey Mia'' he said
"Hi Justin" i said
''Hi Lily"
"Hi Justin" she said
''Well are you ready to have your room redecorated, Mr.Bieber"
"Yes Ms.Anderson i am''
''Can you show me your room please''
"Yup right this way" he said leading us into his house
We walked up the stairs, down a long hallway, around a corner and started down another hallway. Then we finally came to his room.
''Well that took forever''Lily said
"I agree'' i said
''You two will get used to it'' he told us ''Well what do you think?'' He asked
"Well i can make it look better than this for sure''i said
''Hurtful'' He said in a sad voice
Then i got a text from my dad
Mia's dad is #1DaD!
Mia is !SuPeRsTaR!
Change of plans you need to be at the house's studio at 1~#1DaD!
So be at home at 1~!SuPeRsTaR!
Yup and bring Justin with ya~#1DaD!
k and y bring Justin?? :-/~!SuPeRsTaR!
You'll c when u come~#1DaD!
k #1DaD~!SuPeRsTaR!
Thanks !SuPeRsTaR!~#1DaD!
Then i put my phone back in my pocket.
"Well Justin you are coming home with me'' I told him
''What, why?" he asked confused
''I dint know why my dad told to'' i said
"Kk" he said
"Well now can you leave for about 3 hours"
"3 hours, how are you going to fix this in 3 hours?"he asked
"Cause i have skills Bieber" i said while pushing him out of his room
"Ok text me when your done"
"Will do"i said shutting the door in his face
I took out my phone and called Taylor a family friend and a designer to our family and other celebs. After that he said that he was going to help me.
~~3 Hours Later~~{Didnt feel like writing what they did to his room}
When i was done i texted Justin.
Justin is !BieberBoii!
Mia is !SuPeRsTaR!
your room is done~!SuPeRsTaR!
really? I guess you do have skills~!BieberBoii!
thank you i do have skill now get here quickly!!!!~!SuPeRsTaR!
After that he didnt text back soo i waited outside his room with Lily.
"Wow he is slow"Lily said
"No im not!" Justin said scaring us a little
"OMG JUSTIN DONT DO THAT!!!!" i said kinda yelling at him
"Sorry" he said
"Hold me"Lily said in her baby voice holding her hands up to Justin
"Sure thing" He said picking her up
"Well here is your room bieber boy" i said opening the door to his room
"OMG MIA YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!" he said excited
He put Lily down and looked around his newly decorated room. [His room is the 5th pic so you have to go to the 5th picture and thats his room~ http://www.hgtv.com/decorating/teen-boy-bedrooms/pictures/index.html REMEBER THE 5TH PICTURE!!]
"I know i am amazing but Lily helped to" I said while holding Lily
"Well thanks to both of you" he said giving both of us a kiss on the cheek
"Ok now we have to go to our house to see why my dad wants you over"
We walked to my house and we downstairs to our studio. {Studio~http://www.hgtv.com/designers-portfolio/room/contemporary/living-rooms/4095/index.html#/id-3607/room-living-rooms/style-modern}
"Nice studio"Justin said in amazement
"Thanks my dad had it built for me so i can use it when ever im sick or dont feel going to the other studio"
"Lucky" he said
''You can use it to" i said
When we walked in we saw my parents, his mom, JT, Usher, Scooter, and Liam.
"Well can i ask what's happening?'' I asked
"Well we think that you and Justin should..............?
Hope ya liked it and if you would like to be one of Mia's friend that comes in the next chapter, please inbox me and i will make that happen! =]


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