Harry potter love story!!

Chapter 1

Harry potter

As you and Harry are walkin to Potions Harry stops and
turns in front of you making u almost fall in to him.
H: _ i no we only have 5 mins untill
class starts but i really need to talk to you.
U: of course
You follow him into a small broom closet 3 doors down from
the potions room. You step in harry follows behind you. He quickly closes the door and lockets it. He turns around and looks in ur eyes. And ur thinkin oh good lord he has amazing eyes!!!! Ur heart is beating hard in ur
chest and u hope that this is were harry makes his first move.
H: __, i need to tell you this i have been keeping it in for so long
and this is when and where u im going to tell u. _ I`m in love with you i
have been since 2nd year and i have just been to chicken to tell you. I heard
from Ron you really liked me and I am really hoping its true.
But if you dont feel the same way i completely understand.
U: Harry you have no idea how long i have been waiting for this...
yes i feel the same way. i told Ron to tell you and im so happy you have
told me. :)
H:Oh thank God. :) May I ?
u werent sure if u knew wat he meant but you really didnt care.
U: you may
slowly harry leaned in and kiss you not long but no to short either.
The kiss was sweet like candy and gentle as air. You lead in after he
had broken and you kiss him again thinking it would b the same but it was it
was harder this time it has more passion this time. Yet, it was just as sweet.
Harry`s arms was now around waist and ur arms around his neck. You never
want this moment it to end. Then the door of the broom closet opened fast.
You both broke away in a flash just to see the
face of......


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