The Mysteries You Brought (20)

The Mysteries You Brought (20)

Okay I'd like to dedicate this story to DeathSword and Writer101 (Now Just_A_Writer) for giving me the ideas for this story! Thanks alot!! =)
Lillie Mays is a country girl who finds an abandoned wounded wolf while horseback riding. Despite her family's warnings, she takes the wolf's health into her hands. Lillie names the wolf Connall and after she nurses him back to health, he disappears at various times of day. Lillie gets curious after a while and what she finds changes her forever.

Chapter 1

Look what I found

*Lillie's Point of View*
"I'm going out riding!" I yelled as i pulled on my brown cowboy boots. I pulled my sleek brown hair out the ponytail and let it lay loose around my shoulders. Then i grabbed my cowboy hat and placed it on my head.
"Okay!" I heard my mother's sweet voice yell back.
"Love you! See you later!" i yelled once more before i shut the door and headed toward the barn.
I love the farm life. I don't care if people look down on me because i have mud on my clothes or on my face. I work hard here to help keep my family's farm running. Most of my brothers have left for college, leaving me and Henry and our parents. I got the privilege of being the only girl. Now you may think that is a bad thing but really it wasn't. My brothers are amazing and my parents never put up with violence. Therefore i was never picked on. We all teased each other but it was always playful.
I smiled to myself as i thought of my four older brothers. Brian was born first, followed by Nick, then Riley then Seth, then me and then Henry, who is the youngest.
It wasn't always easy for my parents to make money, so my brothers and i always tried to help.
i unlocked the barn doors and slipped inside. It helps being slim, but it has its drawbacks.
"Come here, Beauty." I whispered to my black Mustang. My dad had gotten her for me when i turned sixteen. I've had her for five years now. She used to be wild so it took me almost four years to train her. But it was worth it. She trusts me and protects me when she feels I'm being threatened.
"We are going for a ride today." I whispered to her as i saddled her up. When i finished, i lead her out of the barn and locked the barn doors. We cant risk a cougar getting in.
I swung myself up onto Beauty and off we went onto the trail. It felt natural to be riding. I smiled and simply let Beauty go at her own pace.
After we had been riding for a while, i heard a wolf howl. It was a painful sound to listen to. The poor creature had to be in a great deal of pain. but apparently Beauty didn't care. Her ears perked up and she was on edge. She eyes seemed to search the trail.
"Shh, its okay." i said soothingly, patting Beauty's head.
I was looking around too but Beauty saw him before i did.
"Looks like we got trouble." I whispered.

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