Love? Can you tell me what that is?

Love? Can you tell me what that is?

hey guys...this is my first love story that isn't about any book,such as HP or Twillight I'm bit nervous:D please leave a comment and tell me what you think and did you liked it...:) pls
oh, and the story is about Sasha, she's first year of High School, 16 years old (sry if it's confusing, I'm not from US,so I don't know how old are first years there, lol :D) hope u'll like it ...^.^...

Chapter 1

The fight

"You always do these things, Sasha! I can't believe you!"-"What things?! What the hell did I do now, huh?!!" people were staring at us, but I didn't care."What?! Are you kidding me?!?" Anna glared at me with her arms crossed."Come on! Tell me what the hell DID I DO??!"-"You know very well what you did! You told Jane that Mike likes me!" What the... she's mad because of this?? I just couldn't help but smile "You see?? Everything is funny to you! You can't be serious about one thing! Do you even have any real emotions?!? You get more mad when you lose your headphones, than when you fight with your friend!" She yelled and stormed out of our classroom. Couple of girls ran after her, pretending to care. "Are you okay? Don't get upset about this...She's a real..." "Jane, just...don't" I stopped her. She was the same as those girls.
I heard a loud laugh "what, Alex? What do you want now?" I glared at him and his friends, but too tired to argue with anyone, especially him. "How COULD you do that, Sash?!" he said imitating Anne and his friends started cracking of laughter. I couldn't listen to him, I had to get out of here.
I ran outside to breathe some fresh air. What just happened? Did I really have a fight with my best friend? Over such a little thing? A thing that Jane already knew? Shitt...
I didn't come back to the classes. I waited Anne at the gate, but she didn't want to talk to me. She just ignored me. I laughed inside when I saw that she was walking home giggling with Jane. I didn't worry, I knew that the fight will be over before tomorrow morning, like always. I walked home with couple of my friends ignoring their tries to make me talk dirt about Anne. They were all the same.
End of flash back

"Anne! Wait..." she just kept walking to the classroom. We didn't speak for two days, since our fight. I walked in after her and saw that the professor had already been there. I have to leave it like this till after classes, then I'll talk to her. I took a seat by Luke, one of the bad boys at our school. He was in Alex's 'gang', as they called it. He also had a crush on me since the beginning of our first year.
"Hey, Sash!" he said leaning towards to kiss me. I turned my head and gave him a peck on cheek. He smiled defeated. "You and Anne are still in that fight?" I nodded "Well...if you're feeling sad, I would love to make you happy..." he whispered while playing with my hair. I pushed his face from mine "yeah, sure Luke" I said ironically. I knew he was the same to at least four other girls in our school. He continued to play with my hair, but he didn't say anything.
It looked like ages has passed before all classes were finished. Anne exited the classroom, and I ran to catch up with her." Hey, An, can we talk? Please?" I said pulling her hand, and took her into an empty corner. She didn't want to look me in the eyes. "What do you want?"-"To talk. Why are you so mad? Everyone already knew that Mike has a crush on you, it's so obvious! And, do you remember that Jane was the one who told me to tell you that?! I haven't told her anything she already didn't..."-"Come on, Sasha, stop lying! I know about you kissing Mike, Jane told me everything! I don't see how could you do that, you knew I like him!" she looked at me, waiting for me to answer. But I couldn't say anything, I didn't even knew what the hell was she talking about…"What..?" I said, still lost in her words. She smiled with tears in her eyes "I knew...I..." she tried to wipe tears with her sleeve "... bye Sash" she turned and left me looking at her, still confused.
I started walking slowly through the halls, going deeper in the school, not caring where I'll get. It was empty, everybody already left, leaving these halls quiet and dark. Only way I could see where I was going was because of the little moonlight that was coming through the school windows. I couldn't walk anymore. I leaned my back to one of the walls, and slid down. I sighed and a tear came down my cheek. I quickly wiped it with my hand, grateful no one can see me in this darkness...then I remembered that the classes were over and I was the only one here, alone.
Another tear slowly slid down.
"Well, well...What do we have here??..." I jumped and my hand went to my face in a second, wiping the tears. I turned to see who it was and I saw his face on the moonlight. But this time, there wasn't a smile.

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