Jack's secrets

Jack's secrets

This is part one. I will be coming out wif part two. Comment and tell me what you think.

Chapter 1

Heartbreaking surprise

Holding Jack's hand was one of the best feelings in the world, other than Jack holding me or Jack kissing me I think they were all equal. I smiled as I felt the warm sand squish between my toes and his fingers grip my hand just a bit tighter. This was our favorite thing to do, take long walks down the beach. It may sound cheesy and original but to us it seemed like the best thing to do.

Butterflies started flying in my stomache as he looked at me and smiled sorta sadly. My whole body warmed and i gave a shy smile back.

"You really need a hair cut hun." I said after a few of his dark curls fell into his face.

"I know were going to have to go get that done huh?" He said, his voice seemed far off. It had been like this for the past week.

"What's wrong Jack? You have seemed so sad lately."

"Oh nothing." He was looking into the distance and his voice was nothing more than a whisper.

I stopped him suddenly and he looked at me startled. I put my arms on my hips and glared at him.

"Nothing is wrong Hannah." He gave me a real smile and I smiled back. I wasn't convinced.

He acted like this for the next to weeks. Always quiet and distant. I thought it was just me noticing until his sister Danny came up to me in the halls. She was two years older than me but we were pretty good friends.

"Have you noticed something off about Jack?" She asked while she threw her dark curls over her shoulder. Danny and Jack had pretty much the same hair except hers was longer.

"Yea I was actually going to come talk to you about it later today. Do you know anything?" I had known Danny and Jack were always close so if anyone knew anything it would be her.

"No, I don't know anything." She said quietly while her green eyes fell to the ground. "I better be going or I will be late for class, Bye Hannah" She said than quickly scurried away.

Before I had time to think of that weird encounter the second bell rang and surely enough I was late to Homeroom.

I didn't see Danny around school at all the rest of the day. Which is weird because I almost always did. If I didn't find out what was going on soon, I was going to go crazy.

After school I went to the usual place me and Jack always met. But he wasn't there. I waited fifteen minutes not caring that I missed my bus. He could just give me a ride home. I waited for ten minutes and than it was obvious he wasn't coming. I would have to walk home or call mom and ask her for a ride. Three miles wasn't bad. Well it wouldn't have been if it wasn't pouring rain. I sighed but zipped my coat up and put my hood up.

After about ten minutes of walking I saw a familiar black, rusty truck tumbling down the road. I breathed a sigh of releif and started waving. It slowly pulled over and I jumped in. "Thank God you drove by Jack. I was starting to freeze."

"Why are you walking Hannah?" He asked in a low voice. His curly hair was hidden under his favorite Yankees baseball cap. He looked tire. More tired than he had in a long time. He was also really pale.

"Well you weren't at our usual meeting spot and I missed my bus waiting." I was playing with knick-knacks on my bag.

He sighed than looked at me with the saddest facial expression. It honestly made me want to cry. I suddenly noticed that we weren't heading to my house, or his house. I didn't know were we where. "Jack were are we?"

He pulled over to the side of the rode and grabbed my hand. He was cold. I put my other hand around his trying to warm it up. He gave a sad smile.

"Hannnah, I need to tell you something." He said in a sad voice.

"What is it Jack?"

"I need to first of all tell you that I love you more than i have ever loved another girl. These past three years have been the best of my life. And never will there be another girl for me." He looked like he was about to say something else but before i interrupted, "God damn it Jack! Just tell me." I knew the tears would spill over if he said anything else. I didn't know what he was going to say but I did know it probably wouldn't be good.

"Hannah, I have been diagnosed with heart cancer. The docters give me a month at the most." I burst into tears and crawled over the seat into his lap. There we sat for the next two hours.

I would stay with him until his very last breath.

To be continued...


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