Hanging On a Cliff of Love

Hanging On a Cliff of Love

Hey everyone this is Hanging On a Cliff of Love.It's not an Edward or Jacob love story, but a Seth Clearwater story. In this story it left off right at the end of New Moon, so it's now Eclispe.
Character Info:
Current Location:La Push
Skin Tone: Carmel(Light Brown)
Ethnicity:Black, White, Mexican, and her ancestors were Indian although she isn't.
Hair:Curly/Wavy hair that barely passes her shoulder
Siblings:Only child

Chapter 3

The Beach

Some how Jake persuaded Seth and I to ride with them.I ended up sitting on one of the guys laps.His name was Quil.I didn't really mind though because he was cute and nice.I kind of remembered him from the summers I stayed in La Push, but he mostly hung out with Embry and Paul who were also in the car."Why is it so hot in here?"I asked.It was actually pretty cool outside so maybe they had on the heater"Can you turn on the a.c"I asked.I might of been exaggerating but it was really hot to me"Kyla, it's really not that hot"Jake said turning on the air"Oh yes it is"I said.The rest of the ride was quiet, but it took all of 30 seconds to get there anyways.We all got out of the car and I followed behind Jake and Seth"So you didn't recognize me?"Seth asked with a grin"No!I wouldn't have kissed you if I knew it were you"I said"Well in that case I'm glad you didn't know"Seth said while wrapping his arms around me"You know you got really cuter.Your know longer Picha cause you
didn't even turn red this time after getting caught kissing me"I said.I looked up at Seth and he turned red"Well never mind,your still Picha, but now that your older I'll start to call you Seth....."Seth let go of me and started to run with the guys.I guess they were going to play football cause I saw Quil running with a ball and four other guys running after him.So it was now just Jake and I"So.....?"I asked.It'd been so long since I'd seen him"So how long are you going to stay here?"Jake asked"Well actually I moved here"I said smiling.I'm glad I had my two besties back.Jake stopped"WHAT?!?"He nearly yelled"Ay not so loud"I said covering my ears"YAY!"Jake said picking me up again.Whats up with him picking me up?"MwahMwahMwahMwah"Jake kissed me all on my cheeks,nose,forehead,and the last kiss was on the mouth."Jake get off I can barely breathe"I said in a whinny voice."Sorry babe I'm just so glad that your staying"Jake said now looking all red like Picha"I know me too"I said
That's when Seth started running towards us out of breath."Hey take my spot in the game" Seth said to Jake"Sure"Jake replied already running towards the guys."So....?"I asked"Are we a couple?"Where was all this courage coming from.I shouldn't have said anything.Let me just shut up"I hope so.After the kiss I thought that sealed the deal"Seth said smiling at me.Gosh he made awkward situations turn into funny ones."Ok good!"I said"Come down here"I said wrapping my arms around his neck and bringing him closer to my face until finally our lips met.I felt sorta like a hoe .I mean I just meet this guy today but then again I've known him forever.Well it is like meeting a new person because he changed.We aren't 10 anymore we're 15.We've both grown up physically and mentally since the last time we'd seen each other, but he still had a hint of the 10 year old kid that remembered.He was still my Picha.I pulled away from the kiss and he held my hand.We started to walk along the shore until we
heard Quil"SETH! SETH! COME HERE MAN!"Quil yelled"I'll be right back"Seth said,so I just stood there watching him talk to the boys.All of the guys crowded around Seth and all I heard was a buzz of excitement,except for one of the guys.It was kinda like a growl then I saw Jake.He departed from the circle and was shaking very hard.It looked uncontrollable."Go Jake"one of the guys ,I think named Sam, said.Jake went running towards the woods and the last thing I heard was a ripping noise.Seth came running back to me and took my hand again."What was that all about?"I asked"Nothing"he said looking back into the woods"Hey do you wanna come to my house?My mom and Leah are there.I know you haven't seen them in a while"Seth said with his smile back on his face"Sure"I said.We walked to Seth's house and it looked like my grandma's house but a little bigger.It was kind of funny because when Seth walked through the door way he had to bend down.Man he was so freakin tall.I felt so short.
I barely went to his shoulder and I was 5'8.That's pretty tall to be a girl."Seth your really tall"I said"Yea I know"He said rolling his eyes"How tall"I asked"Uh about 6'4 or 6'5"He said"WOW!"He just laughed at me.We walked into the living room and I saw the top of 2 peoples heads.They were sitting on the couch watching a movie that I think I'd seen before called I Am Sam.The 2 women turned around once they heard us and they both had tears rolling down there face and tissues balled up in their hands.I looked up at Seth who was staring at them in a way that clearly showed that he was embarrassed."Oh Gosh!"He finally said"Hi Seth,Leah and I were just watching this movie and it was really sad"The older looking woman said.I immediately recognized her.It was Mrs.Clearwater.She hadn't changed at all except for a couple wrinkles here and there.I looked at the other woman who had black tear stains on her face from her makeup. She looked at me and quickly whipped her face off although the
makeup stains remained."Hey Mrs.Clearwater"I said in a cheerful voice.Mrs.Clearwater was like my mom when we were younger.She was my summer mom every year"Uh hi"she said in a confused tone.She cocked her head to the side and looked at Seth and I.She was mostly staring at the fact that we were holding hands.Seth clearly saw that his mother didn't recognize me so he said"Mom you remember Kyla don't you?"Mrs.Clearwater's eyes got very wide and she got up off the couch and came towards me with her arms open ready to hug me.I let go of Seth's hand and opened up my arms as well.She embraced me and laughed."Oh sweetie I didn't know who you were at first.My goodness you've grown up so much and your so beautiful"She said placing her hands on my cheeks"Thank You"I said with a smile"So have you come to visit for the summer?"She asked releasing my face"Well-"I was cut off by Seth"Actually she moved her"Seth said while looking down at me with one of those awesome grins of his."That's great"Mrs.
Clearwater said hugging me again.Once she let go I looked over her shoulder and saw Leah who was just staring at me in shock"Hey Leah"I said walking towards her.She got off the couch and hugged me"I'm sorry I look a mess.I was just watching this movie and it had me crying"I missed Leah.She was always like my big sister.I was so caught up in being mad at my mom for making me move here that I forgot that I had so many friends."Wow you've changed so much.In a good way of course"Leah said nudging me"Thanks I was thinking the same thing about you."Leah was gorgeous.She had that awesome skin tone like Seth,beautiful brown eyes,short dark brown hair, and she was skinny and almost as tall as Seth."Hahaha Thanks"She replied"So how old are you now?"she asked rubbing her face again with a tissue"I'm turning 16 on the 20th of July"I said."Oh ya that's right you and Seth were always a month apart.So your birthdays next week?What are you going to do?"Leah asked
"Well I don't really have any plans for now, but I'm probably just going to do nothing"I said with a laugh"Oh sounds like an awesome birthday"Leah said sarcastically."Yea well we gotta go.I just wanted to stop by so that you could see Kyla.So see ya"Seth said already heading for the door"Well I guess I'll see you guys later"I said to Mrs.Clearwater and Leah"Hey wait!"Leah said"Are you guys a couple now?"Leah asked staring at Seth"Uh ya"I said with a smile"Seth you better not hurt her or I'll hurt you"She said narrowing her eyes at him"Like I said we have to go, bye"Seth Said.We left the house and headed back to the beach, but everyone had left"Were we gone that long?"I asked"Nah it's just that Jake was upset so the guys probably went after him to try and calm him down"Seth said staring off into space."So what was he upset about??"I asked...............................tbc

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