Hanging On a Cliff of Love

Hanging On a Cliff of Love

Hey everyone this is Hanging On a Cliff of Love.It's not an Edward or Jacob love story, but a Seth Clearwater story. In this story it left off right at the end of New Moon, so it's now Eclispe.
Character Info:
Current Location:La Push
Skin Tone: Carmel(Light Brown)
Ethnicity:Black, White, Mexican, and her ancestors were Indian although she isn't.
Hair:Curly/Wavy hair that barely passes her shoulder
Siblings:Only child

Chapter 2


Seth and I headed out the door and started to walk towards the beach.Yes we walked.The beach was only about a 5min walk so I just went along with it."So what made you move here?"Seth asked"Well my Mom was offered this awesome job and she had to move to New York.I guess she didn't want me living in New York, but she didn't really explain to me why."I said.Now that I thought about it she never really did give me a reason for why I couldn't move with her"So why are you living with your Grandma and not your Dad?"Wow Seth was really catching me off guard with these questions"Well my Dad and I don't really get along.I guess it's because he got remarried and just started another family.I was little when it happened so I kinda felt neglected and I've held a grudge towards him ever since"I'd never admitted that to anyone before.I just felt really comfortable around Seth.It was weird because I felt like I actually knew him"So who do you live with?"I asked.He was asking me all these
questions so why couldn't I ask any?"Well I live with my sister and my Mom"Seth said"No dad?"I asked kinda curious.Maybe he were like me and his parents split up.That'd be something that we could share together.Share our feelings about that, but he said he had a sister so he already had someone to talk to about that"Well my Dad died about a year ago."Seth said.He didn't really have an expression.He looked emotionless.I guess we didn't have divorced parents in common."Oh I'm sorry."I said feeling guilty for being nosy"Oh no it's ok.I've had a year to deal with it being brought up and learned to deal with the fact that my father is dead and he's not coming back,"That was the first time I'd seen Seth look unhappy and without a smile spread across his gorgeous face.I stopped talking and we just sat in silence for a while."So have you been to La Push before?"Seth asked breaking the silence for the second time today."Oh of course.I used to come every summer when
I was younger.My dad used to live here with my grandma before he got married so I used to come visit both he and my grandma."I said remembering my childhood memories here.I remember I had 2 best friends.Their names were Jacob and Seth.We used to have lots of fun together.Seth and I were only a month apart and Jacob was a year or so older than us.I remember one time-"You used to come here in the summer?Really?I don't remember you."Seth said interrupting my thoughts."Ya I came every summer until I turned ten.That was my last summer here.My best friends were named Jacob and Seth.Do you know them?We used to call Seth Picha[PAY-chuh].I don't know if he still goes by that though."I said.That was kind of cool how my old best friends name was Seth and my new friends name was also Seth."Why did you call him Picha?"Seth asked"Well because one time when we were little he tried to kiss me.I remember that day like it were yesterday.
We were playing hide-and-seek and Jacob was it so Picha and I hid in the closet together.He leaned in and kissed me at the same time that Jake found us and opened the closet doors.Picha was so embarassed he turned red and you know in Quileute Picha is Red.Hahahaha oh those were the good days."I said laughing at the memory"So do you know Picha?"I asked"Yea I know him.We're really close"Seth said"Oh cool does he still go by Picha?"I asked"Well Jacob and his family still call him that and that's about it."That's cool they know each other"I don't remeber you though it's weird"I tried hard to try and remember Seth"Of course you do.I remember you."Seth said leaning towards me.Before I knew it Seth was kissing me.He was an excellent kisser, but then after about ten seconds we heard honking.We both looked up and departed from the kiss"WHOA SETHY BOO LOOK AT YOU GETTING SOME ACTION!"I heard a male voice say.I looked over and there were about 6 guys stuffed in one small car."Get outta here Jake!
Seth yelled to the car.Jake?Was that my Jakey baby in the car?My bestie from all the summers I'd been here?It couldn't be.I looked a little closer and I saw a muscular guy like Seth but a lot bigger in the drivers seat.He also had thick dark brown hair and a bronze skin tone.I looked in his eyes and even from where was standing I still recognized my baby Jacob!"Jake?"I yelled running towards the car"Do I know her" I heard him ask the guy next to him.His friend just shrugged."Jakey it's me Kyla!"Jake had stopped the car in the middle of the street when he yelled to Seth, but when he saw who I was he pulled over the car, hopped out, and swooped me off the ground and into his huge arms."Kyla!"Jacob said squeezing me with all his might"Hey babe" I said kissing him on the check(friendly not romanticly)"Whats been going on?"I asked"Nothing just chillin'.WHOA girl you changed.I was thinking in my head who's that fine chick hanging out with Picha?"Huh?"That's Picha?"I asked.Then Seth walked
over to where we were"You didn't recognize those lips?"Seth asked with a big smile."PICHA!"I said now realizing that the guy I liked was actually my best friend."KYLA!"He yelled back."Put me down Jake."Now I ran in Seth/Picha's arms and it was his turn to hold me."Boy why didn't you tell me it was you?"I asked hitting his chest"I wanted you to figure it out."We all laughed and laughed until our little reunion was interrupted by honking(enough with the honking people)"Hurry up Jake"I heard one of the guys yell."Where are you guys headed?"I asked Jake"Well we were going to go to the beach, but I can tell by your outfit you were too"Jake said looking me up and down and stopping at my chest.I heard a low growl come from Picha so I slapped Jake in the face.We all laughed again."Hey do you guys want to ride with us?"Jake asked"Where will we sit?"I asked looking in the car"You can sit in my lap"Jake said jokingly"Or mine"Seth said eagerly....................................................tbc

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