Hanging On a Cliff of Love

Hanging On a Cliff of Love

Hey everyone this is Hanging On a Cliff of Love.It's not an Edward or Jacob love story, but a Seth Clearwater story. In this story it left off right at the end of New Moon, so it's now Eclispe.
Character Info:
Current Location:La Push
Skin Tone: Carmel(Light Brown)
Ethnicity:Black, White, Mexican, and her ancestors were Indian although she isn't.
Hair:Curly/Wavy hair that barely passes her shoulder
Siblings:Only child

Chapter 10

Stalker or Stalkers?

The next morning I woke up to the beeping of my alarm. Gosh that thing was so annoying. I rolled over and snoozed it. 9:30, the clock read. Ughhhh. The familiar jazz ring tone began to ring. I reached over and grabbed my phone. "Hello?" I asked without looking at the caller I.D."Hey Kyla it's Bella," Bella said in a cheerful voice. "Oh hey Bella, what's up?" I said trying to hide the grogginess in my voice. "I'm sorry, did I wake you?" She asked in a sad voice, "No my alarm beat you to it" I said reassuringly. "Ok good. Well I was calling to see if we were still going to the mall today." Oh shoot, I totally forgot about that! "Uh, ya. What time?" I asked "Lets say.....1:30?" She asked "Ya that's fine with me," After hanging up with Bella I called Seth and Jake to see if they were also going, but they said no because they hadn't really gone to sleep last night. I guess this is going to be bonding time for me and Bella. I got out of bed and decided to get dressed. I picked out a nice outfit that would keep me warm just incase it got cold. An aqua blue tank top, navy blue skinnies, my favorite black jacket, and my favorite black converse with peace signs, hearts, and silly designs all over. I went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, washed my face, slicked my curly nest of hair into a simple bun, and headed out the door. Grammy and Papa were gone, so I just left them a note telling them where I was and my cell number. I met Bella at her house, but was a little late after getting kind of lost. I had run into a red head woman who was just randomly cirlcling around the block with some dude that seemed to be her boyfriend. I asked them if they new the adress, and they kindly pointed it out to me. When I looked in the direction they were pointing I saw a average sized house that was very simple and resembled all the other houses around. I was just about to say thank you, but when I looked back they were nowhere in sight. I pulled into Bella's driveway and parked right behind the cop cruiser and the silver volvo that was already parked. I knocked on the door and before I could even knock twice the door was being opened. A guy answered it, but it wasn't anyone that looked like it could be Bella's dad. He was a pale boy with beautiful hazelish eyes and a light muscular build. "Uh hi," I said, "Is Bella here?" The guy looked at me well actually starred at me with a certain intensity that made me feel like he could see right through me, into my soul. I became somewhat selfconscious, so I started to fidget around with my hands. "Bella!" The guy called without taking his eyes off of me. "I'm sorry where are my manners?" the guy asked. "I'm Edward Cullen. Carlisle Cullens son." Oh yeaa! I kind of remeber him. I think he was the guy sitting next to Jake on the couch that awful night" You probably don't remeber me.You had banged your head pretty badly, so I'm sure your memory of that night is a little fuzzy." I nodded in agreement, and that's when Bella came. "Hey!" she said excitedly. I love Bella. She's so positive. "Me too," I thought I heard Edward mumble. Weird......."Hey Bella! Ya ready?" I asked. She nodded and the three of us walked towards the cars. Is Edward coming? Just as I thought that, he walked to the silver volvo, but before he kissed Bella good bye, and surprisingly gave me a hug. Aww he's nice. He pulled off like a race car driver and then Bella and I did also, but not as fast. "So how have you been?" Bella asked. After that sentence we gt into a really good conversation about our men, and just life with them. Soon enough we had reached the mall. "That was quick!" Bella exclaimed "Definently," I added. We went walking around and found a couple cute outfits. We even got a matching outfit, they were just different colors. After a while we got pretty hungry and on the way to the food court I just happened to glance in Aeropostale. That's when I saw them. I had to take a double take and I totally froze. It was definently them. Of course, it was her favorite store and she had probably dragged him along with her. I quickly ran into the store totally forgetting about Bella, and thats when they saw me too. Instead of excitment they looked unhappy and it was heart breaking................................................tbc

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