Hanging On a Cliff of Love

Hanging On a Cliff of Love

Hey everyone this is Hanging On a Cliff of Love.It's not an Edward or Jacob love story, but a Seth Clearwater story. In this story it left off right at the end of New Moon, so it's now Eclispe.
Character Info:
Current Location:La Push
Skin Tone: Carmel(Light Brown)
Ethnicity:Black, White, Mexican, and her ancestors were Indian although she isn't.
Hair:Curly/Wavy hair that barely passes her shoulder
Siblings:Only child

Chapter 1

Meeting New People

"Hey Mom"I said walking in the door.I'd just gone with my best friend Kandice to go play lazor tag in Alhambra.Thats where we usually hung out to scope out boys.Honestly the only reason why we went to lazor tag was because one of the guys who worked there was so hot."Hey hun how was lazor tag with Kandice?" "It was actually really good.Kandice and I saw some hotties but they were to old"I said while setting my stuff down on the coffee table.I wasn't really paying attention to my mom but when I looked up I saw that she was standing on a ladder taking down paintings and family pictures."Mom what are you doing?"I asked.Our living room looked so naked and bare without the paintings."Oh yea um well.......My job has offered me a higher position"my mom said cheerfully"OMG Mom thats awesome congrats!"I said.My mom was a nurse and there was an open position to be a higher nurse where she worked and she'd been waiting months to hear who got the position."Well let's go out and
celebrate at Kabuki's(A restaurant)!"I said"Wait that still doesn't explain why your taking down pictures"I said.I saw that my moms facial expression changed from excited to unhappy"What is it ma?Just tell me."I said waiting for an answer"Well my job won't be here in California anymore.It's going to be in New York"My mom said with a worried expression"OH WOW! Well when do we move?"I asked.I actually didn't really mind moving to New York.I mean I've always wanted to go and plus it snows there so whats better than that?Oh wait what about Kandice?Shes like my sister and I can't leave my sister behind.Oh ya and what about Jay my boyfriend?Well I definently know that Kandice WILL be able to come visit because she's rich and her parents don't care what she does so my problem with Kandice is solved.What about Jay?Well our relationship was starting to go down the drain anyways.The only reason why I'm still with him is because everyone says we look good together."Well I move next month and YOU move to WASHINGTON next week."My mom said"WHAT?MOM, WHAT THE HECK?"The only person I know who lives in Washington is my.............Grandma."You're sending me with Grandma?"I asked MAD as heck"Yes sweetie it was either your Grandma or your Dad and I knew you would pick Grandma"She was right I would pick my grandma over my Dad.My Grandma lived on the reservations in La Push, Washington.She's been living there ever since I was born but she only lived there because she wanted to connect with her inner Indian.My grandma was Indian but not 100%."Fine"I said already heading up the stairs to my room.The only thing that I was glad about was that it was the beginning of Summer break so when I moved I'd get enough time to settle in.
~1 week later~
"Oh babe I'll miss you!"Jay said tearing up.My mom had let Kandice and Jay drop me off at the airport although she followed in her car behind us."Move Jay it's my turn"Kandice said bumping Jay out of the way and hugging me really tight. "Oh Kyla I'll miss you"Kandice said "Now its my turn" My mom said creeping up behind us."I love you and I'll see you in a couple months ok?" Mom said hugging me just as tight as Kandice had.Mom had promised me that she'd come visit me in a couple of months in La Push,so that was something to look forward to."Ok Ma Love you"I said backing away from everybody and heading towards my gate."Bye"I said waving and blowing them kisses.
~In La Push~
I had just gotten off the plane and the 1st person I saw was Grammy"Hey Grammy" I said running up to her"Hey baby how have you been?Long time no see" I hadn't seen my grandmother in a couple years so it was a nice reunion.Since my plane landed in Forks we had to drive to La Push which was about 10min away.Grandma and I chitchatted in the car and soon pulled up to a small cottage looking house.It was actually very cute.There were tons of flowers growing around the house."Is this your house?"I asked"It sure is""Grandma said with a smile" Its so cute and little"I said"Yea it's perfect for the two of us.You know it was actually smaller but I had one of the boys in the neighborhood add on to it.I had him make you a master bedroom so you have your own bathroom and a walk in closet.I already knew how much clothes you had so I had Seth build it.He's about your age maybe a little older, and he's also really cute"Grandma said, gently elbowing me in my side.All I could do was smile.My grandma pulled into the small driveway in front of the garage and we both got out of the car. I took two of my smaller bags out of the back seat and headed towards the cottage.My Grandma opened the door and once we walked in I felt a warm pleasant feeling of welcome and comfort.My grandma lead me to my new room and she was right.There was a tall teenage boy in my room.Well he was actually in my bathroom, working on something.I guess he heard us walk in because he came out of the bathroom and kindly greeted us."Hi Mrs.Evans"the boy said"Hi Sweetie how are ya?"Grandma asked"I'm really good.I actually just finished painting the bathroom as you can see"the boy said while gesturing to his now purple,blue,and green paint covered shorts."Ah I see." Grandma said"I also put up those paintings you wanted"I'd been staring at the guy.He was soo cute.He had beautiful bronze skin,thick dark brown hair, and great muscles."You must be Kyla.I've heard so much about you.I'm Seth"he said extending his arm out, which I eagerly shook.I kind of jumped a little when I shook his hand though because it was hot.Not hot as in sexcii but hot as in burning.I guess he noticed me jump because he took his hand back.We all kind of stood there in an uncomfortable way.Grandma was staring at the floor,I was staring at the walls,and Seth,Seth was actually staring at me.I glanced at him once trying to be slick,but quickly turned my head once I saw that Seth was already staring at me.Finally the awkward silence was replaced by Seth's voice. "So Kyla, do you need any help getting your bags?"I did have a lot of bags and I did need help but I didn't want to seem needy "Uh no I'm ok"I lied.Instead of acting like a normal teenage boy and just sitting back down lazily Seth followed me outside and helped me with all of my bags.Seth was so strong so he took about 4 bags per stop so it only took about 5min to bring all my stuff in.We talked and Seth was really nice.He was easy to talk to and when I talked he actually listened.That's when I realized that I really liked Seth."Kyla,I'm going to the beach in about 10min and I was wondering if you'd like to join me."Seth said"I'd like that."I said.Usually I wouldn't go with a guy who I just barely met, but Seth seemed harmless and he was really nice"I think you'd better ask your Grandma first"Seth said.Wow impressive.See he is a good guy"Oh right."I walked out of my room and walked down the hall and into the living room where I found Grandma sitting in her rocking chair watching TV.
I went up to Grandma and said"Grandma I know I've only been here for about 30minutes,but I was wondering can I-"Grandma cut me off by saying"Go ahead have fun!"Wow that was easy"Thanks Grandma."I walked back into my room and Seth was just sitting on my bed waiting"She said yes"I said"Now all I have to do is change into my bathing suit"I saidI looked through some boxes until I found the box where my white cut out bathing suit was"Oh here it is"I said holding it up."Wow thats probably going to look great on you"Seth said smiling.The only thing I could do was smile.He really made me feel good about myself."I'm going to go change I'll be right back"I said.I walked into my bathroom for the first time.It was blue green and purple(my fav colors) and there were cute paintings of kittens.I really enjoyed my new house.After admiring my new bathroom I slipped on my bathing suite.I quickly looked in the mirror and Seth was right I did look good in the bathing suit, but I couldn't just walk out in this so I put on my purple strapless cover up on top."Ok I'm ready"I said walking out of the bathroom"Good!Why are you wearing a cover up, I thought you were going to give me a little sneak peek before we go to the beach."Seth said with a friendly smile "Well I guess you'll just have to wait"I said......................................tbc

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