Why Me? A Harry Potter story

Chapter 5

Wedding day! :)

Bella:it's finally July 10th!
Ginny:I know and you are going to be officially part of the family!
Bella:laughs I'm so nervous and scared
Hermione:there is nothing to be scared about Bella nothing can ruin this day for you
Bella:ya but you will never now
Ginny:ya but we won't let anything ruin it for you
~the music starts to play~
my adopted dad:come on Bella let's get ready
Hermione and Ginny:starts walking down the aisle
Bella and her dad:starts walking down the aisle after Ginny and hermione
Dad:whispers to Bellayou look beautiful Bella
Bella:whispers back thanks
~when we get to te end of the asile~
dad:kisses Bella cheek and whispers to Bella it's never to late to back out Bella
Bella:smiles it's ok dad I'm doing this
~after the whole reception~
George:you make me so happy Bella you just don't know
Bella:and you don't know how happy you make me
George:kisses Bella
dj:it's time for the first dance if the new wedded couple
George:leads me to the dance floor Abrams starts dancing with Bella
~at the end of the song<
Ron:comes up to Bella and George I didn't know you could dance George
George:the things people I would do for the ones you love
Ron:ya sure so can I dance with my sister in law?
George:ya just don't hog her cause I need her for the honeymoon now
Ron:of course not don't want to hold up haveig some nieces and nephews now
Bella:shakes her head
~after the honeymoon<
George:walks into the burrow holding my hand~ we are back!
Bella:got to announce it to the world babe?
George:yes I want to tell them the good news now smiles
Harry:walks in hugs Bella so my sister and brother in law has good news huh so what is it
George:you have to wait til everyone else is in here Harry so you can find out
Harry:come on telling one person won't hurt anyone
George:Ya it will that person would heme that will get hurt
Harry:fine fine
~when everyone gets into the dining room and settles down~
Molly:so what's the good news George?
George:Bella is pregnant!we are h ing a baby!
Everybody:gets up and starts hugging Bella and George congrats guys!
Bella and George:thanks everyone
Ginny:I can't wait to be an aunt!
~later in~
Bella:hey babe I'm reallybtires we should go home now
George:alright come in let's go
Fred:but it's barely nine now
Bella:ya and I'm pregnant so I get tires quickly and easily
Fred:now it's going to suck that you are pregnant and that y'all live away from us
George:hey it's apart of marriage and that's not something you would know
George:Come on let's go babe
~next day~
Harry:so do y'all have any names picked out for my nephew?
Bella:we dint even know if we are having a boy or a girl yet si you can't say your nephew Harry and no we haven't picked any names out
Harry:but I want a nephew first
Bella:and you'll get what you get
Harry:fine then
Bella:we can't just pick what gender we want the baby to be Harry
Harry:I know but I really want nephew
Bella:ok but doesn't mean you will get nephew first

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