Why Me? A Harry Potter story

Chapter 4

happiest man on this planet huh?

George then sat next to me still smiling while I was wiping my tears away and smiling."so your the happiest man on this planet huh?"I said "sure am!" George said. I just laughed. "congrats"said at once while hugging me and George. "Finally I get another sister" Ginny said "Hey!we werent that bad as being brothers were we now?" George and Fred said "whatever yall guys say" Ginny said
~couple days later~
"George are you going to help me at all or are you just going to be kissing me?" I said
"hmmmm thats hard to choose but Im just going to be kissing you" George said
"do you want to get married or not?"
"I do want to get married to you"
"then help me out"
"I'll just have mum Ginny and Hermione help you out"
"then dont be complaning about anything on the day of our wedding"
"ok thats fine with me"
"but you got to help me with one thing"
"and what is that helping you getting undressed" George said while smiling
"haha very funny but no when do you want to get married"
"how about on July 10th"
"ok that sounds good with me"
~later on~
"so when are yall going dress shopping?"
"ooo can I come"
"NO!"both Ginny and Hermione said
"why not I'm marring her"
"because you arent suppose to see the dress until she walks down the aisle" Hermione said
I just laughed and kissed George
"dont worry babe the day will be sooner then you know"
"I know I cant wait for you to Mrs.Weasley"
"neither can I.I love you"
"I love you to"

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