Why Me? A Harry Potter story

Chapter 3

after talking to Oliver...sadly

George:why were yall talking about quidditch?
Bella:to see why I become co-captain when there is other people that been on the team longer then I have and are better then me
George:you deserved it and you are better then the ones that has been on the team longer then anyone else
Bella:whatever then why would he make me co-captain when I almost quit in the middle of the season and the whole team was going to quit but him?
George:you got me there
Bella:ya I don't even want to be co-captain
Fred:why that means you are going to be captain when Oliver is gone
Bella:ya I know but that means I have to be around more so we can work out when we going to have practice and what plays are we going to use at the games and when we are going to practice it
Fred:o ya when is Oliver's last year anyways
Bella:this year thank God
Oliver:comes in thats not what you said last year
Bella:shut up stop listing to people converstations and leave me alone
Oliver:well to bad now come on
Bella:I'm not going anywhere with you
Oliver:to bad you have to we got to work on the schedule for practices and when the games are and what plays we are going to use at the games and when we are going to practice them
Bella:urg!fine! walks out with Oliver
~at hogwarts getting off the train~
Oliver:the whole quidditch team should eat together tonight so we can talk about the practice coming up and the game after that
Bella:whatever I'll tell them since most of them don't like you anymore leaves and finds Geroge,Fred,Katie,Angelica&Harry together already hey guys Oliver wants us to eat together so we can talk about the practice coming up and the game after that
Bella:tell me about it
Angelica:at least it's his last year here
Bella:ya then I'll be captain joy
Harry:what do you mean your going to be captain when he is gone we all have an equal shot at it
Bella:Harry didn't you know I'm co-captain
Harry:sorry forgot
Bella:its alright
~at dinner~
they did the whole sorting thing like every year and talked about the rules and blah blah to the truth I wasn't even paying attention I just claped until I heard 13 words and that was that there would not be no Quidditch this year instead there would be the Triwizard Tourment.that got alot of boo's no one liked that idea but then Dumbledore said we well be home two other schools this year and lets welcome them first is Durmstrang.then the next thing you know a whole munch of guys walked in wearing big coats but then you say Viktor Krum but he didn't notice you and the Durmstrang people came and sat at the Gryffindor table all scatted around at the table and who sits next to of course Viktor Krum and looks at you smiles.and second is Beauxbatons.they came in walking singing and dancing and all the guys were drooling.
Bella:hits George
George:ouch!what was that for?
Bella:your drooling and you happen to be dating me not any of them
Viktor:laughs and whispers to Bella if you want I can beat him for you
Bella:laughs and whispers back no its alright I got him handled
Viktor:alright just come and get me when needed
then Dumbledore and some people from the ministry of magic started talking about the triwizard tourment they said you have to 17 or older to put or name in the cup to see if you would be choosen then everyone under 17 started saying different stuff
Geroge&Fred:thats rubbish!
Bella:thats not fair!
Viktor:laughs you think you can handle this
Bella:I don't think I know I can
Viktor:laughs of course lil sis
Bella:glares at him
~later on in the Gryffindor common room~
Bella:its totally unfair I'm not going be able to put my name in the cup and get choosen but Viktor and Cedric is their only competion would be me
Fred:hey we would of liked a change to
Bella:ya but yall wouldn't last a mintue in there no offence and did yall notice Percy was wearing a monkey suit
Fred:but he was in a tux not a monkey suit
Bella:ya I know a tux is a monkey suit you really aren't the smartest are you
Fred:ya hey!you know that hurts
Bella:eh you will be fine
Fred:thanks shows how you feel bout your friends
Bella:smiles I know...I just really want to be in the Triwizard Tourment
Geroge:we all do
Harry:walks in O MY GOD!!
Harry:I need to talk to you alone
Bella:ok lets go out to the hall
~out in the hall with Bella and Harry~
Harry:ok well I use to like you until Dumbledore told me something
Bella:what did he tell you?
Harry:your my older sister
Bella:but how I mean cause you have a scar and I don't I live with my parents you don't
Harry:ya I know then Dumbledore said you were at a close friends of mom and dad when Voldemort killed mom and dad and tried to kill me
Bella:that explains why I don't have a scar then why do you live with those people who hate you and I don't
Harry:he also said that mom and dads friends said that Voldemort would find me and you to easily if we are together so they separted us thats why you live with Cho...and why you don't look like them and not in Hufflepuff but in Gryffindor
Bella:wow what does that mean
Harry:Dumbledore said Voldemort is not only after me but also you
Bella:great so what are we going to do
Harry:I don't know yet but you can't tell anyone that we are brother and sister
Bella:but I got to tell George and Fred and we both know you are going to tell Ron and Hermione
Harry:ok fine only them
Bella:ok walks back into the common room
George:so what did Harry have to say
Bella:I'll tell yall later just meet me in here at midnight
Bella:well I'm going to go "sleep" now
Bella:night walks to her dorm that she shares with Katie I can't believe this
Katie:believe what
Bella:o nothing really just that they won't let me try to be in the Triwizard Tourment
Katie:o ok well night
Bella:ya night
~in the common room at midnight~
Bella:tells them everything that Harry told her expect the part of him use to like me part
George:wow thats alot
Bella:I know
Fred:so what are we going to do
Bella:I don't know
George:well I'll be with you every step of the way
Bella:thanks but this something me and Harry have to do alone
Fred:you know Ron and Hermione are going to be with him every step of the way
Bella:right ok I guess yall can be with us every step of the way
Harry:comes downstairs so yall know now?
George:ya so not only Ron and Hermione are going to be with yall the way so is me and Fred
Harry:ok thanks um yall want to stay down here with us cause Ron and Hermione is going to be coming down soon and try to figure what to do
Bella:you know I have no choice but to
George:of course we will stay down here
Bella:have you told Ron and Hermione yet
Harry:no but I'm going to as soon as they get down here
Hermione&Ron:come downstairs
Harry:tells them everything
Ron:shocked dude it's bad enough she is dating George and that I like her but now we find out she is your sister
Fred:a little to much infromation little brother
George:ya but now we got something to tease him about
Bella:hits him be nice
Fred:looks like we know who wears the pants in the realtionship
Bella:hits him on the head shut up
Ron:looks like we know who is in charge of yall friendship
Bella:throws a book at Ron and it hits him the chest shut up
Ron:ouch!ok sorry
Bella:I know so what are we going to do?
~years later after Voldemart is gone for good~
well me and George are still dating and we are as strong as ever will be.yea we had our hard times mostly after Fred died George toke it really hard and his mom did also and I feel bad for it I feel like it's my fault that he died I feel like it's my fault that every person who helping me and Harry who died it's my fault.I didn't want any of them to die.no one did but everyone is telling me it's not my fault they died.but if it wasn't for me going after voldermart they wouldn't have to help and they wouldn't have died.they all tell me it's a good thing I went after him because if I didn't who would have and who knows what the magical world would be like.I don't like looking at the Wealeys because I'm the one who caused them their pain.it's been 2 years since Fred died.FRED!!!!why is everyone screaming Fred's name right now.I look to see and I see Fred!but how he was died.
George:Fred how is this possible we all thought you were died
Fred:well I was trying to make it a prank and go around the world for 2 years but I see that y'all really thought I was died
Bella:duh do have any clue how bad I felt when we all thought you were died
George:she was thinking it was all her fault
Fred:aw bella nothing that happened is your fault
Bella:ya sure
~couple months later~
Hmm George and Fred are acting weird when they are around me for the past week.I keep on hearing Fred say to George just do it stop backing out of it.and no one knows what is going on and every time I ask Fred he won't tell me well let's see what happens for the rest of the day.
~couple hours later~
we were all in the living room watching tv or playing wizards chess and other things.then I saw Fred smile as George walked over to me
George got on one knee as he pulled something out of his pocket and it was a ring and he started to say " Bella since I first saw you I thought you were the one and since we started dating I was really happy no matter what.and now I want to be the happiest man on this planet and the only way that would be is if you marry me.so Isabella Nicole Potter will you become Isabella Nicole Weasley?"
I was crying from the start and I knew had to at yes
"yes" George smiled and put the ring on my hand and kissesd me

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