Why Me? A Harry Potter story

Chapter 2

the big fight

its been a couple weeks and i been hanging out mostly with most of my friends that are guys and of course Katie and Angelica.then it happened
Oliver:how come you hardly hang out with me now you are my girlfriend and not anyone elses
Bella:Oliver i know that now take a freakin chill pill i got a life to you don't see me complaing when you hang out with your friends
Oliver:that's cause you are never around me anymore
Bella:im around at practice when we eat even i do my homework and stop being so clingy
Oliver:im not being clingy
Bella:yes you are you pretty much want me to have no life so you can be happy so i can just be around you all the time
Oliver:i just want you to be around me more
Bella:thats being clingy you know what im not fighting with you no more we are over
Oliver:no we are not over till i say we are
Bella:to bad we are over
Oliver:then you are off the quidditch team
Bella:FINE HAVE A FUN TIME FINDING SOMEONE AS GOOD AS ME AND LOSING ALL THE TIME NOW storms off goes by the lake and sits under a tree
Katie:hey Bella
Bella:hey Katie
Katie:are you going to practice
Katie:why not
Bella:i'm off the team
Bella:let's just say me and Oliver ended on a bad note
Katie:oh im sorry
Bella:its ok
Katie:well then i quit cause we need you you are the best here at hogwarts
Bella:tell Oliver that
Katie:i will i'll talk to you later
Bella:ok bye
before summer starts
packing up to get ready to leave
Bella:well im done packing im going to the common room for a little bit
Bella:leaves and sits between Fred and George im so glad its time to leave what year this has been
George:ya but it was funny how the whole quidditch team quit because you quit
Bella:ya that was funny
Fred:before we forget to tell you our parents said you can stay over for the summer if parents allow you to
Bella:we been through this my parents already know that im going to be over yalls house for the summer
George:oh ya
at the Weasleys burrow
Bella:wow this place is great
George:its nothing special
Fred:ok whatever you say
George:come on we will show you were you will be sleeping at
half way up the stairs
??:George Fred who is this
George:Ron and Ginny this is Bella Bella this is Ron and Ginny our little sister and brother
Bella:nice to meet you
Ron:nice to meet you 2
Ginny:is this the girl yall always talked about?
Ginny:what its not my fault yall talked about her all the time when yall wrote
Fred:cant you like stop talking like right now
George:dont mind her Bella
Bella:looks like i got me a new friend smiles
later on
Ron:hey Bella i was um wondering maybe would um like to me my girlfriend
Bella:im sorry Ron but got though with a realtionship and it ended on a terrible note im sorry
Ron:oh its ok
Bella:ill see you around Ron
Bella:leaves and finds Ginny hey Ginny
Ginny:hey Bella
Bella:im so tired of guys right now
Bella:i had a boyfriend and we ended on a terrible note and now Ron asked me out but i turned him down
Ginny:oh great well looks like Fred and George are going to be upset now
Ginny:well dont tell them i told you but they are going to ask you to be their girlfriend
Bella:well ill try to avoid them then
Ginny:good luck with that
Bella:thanks how about you stay around me then and dont leave me
Ginny:ok i can do that
Ginny:so what do you want to do then
Bella:i dont care
Ginny:ok lets go walk around outside
Bella:alright they go outside and start talking about random things
George:walks over to Bella and Ginny hey guys
Bella & Ginny:hey George
George:so what are yall doing
Bella:nothing just walking around and talking about random things
George:so then you wouldnt mind if talked alone
Bella:actually i would cause im hanging with Ginny right now
George:come on Bella it wont take that long
Bella:then say it right here right now
George:fine will you be my girlfriend
Bella:im sorry George but me and Oliver ended on a terriable note and im not ready for another realtionship sees Fred coming our way and you can tell Fred that to cause he is coming over her
George:ok i will
Molly:Bella and Ginny come and help me cook
Bella:ok we are on our way
Bella and Ginny go help Molly cook
while eating dinner
Percy:this is really good mom
Molly:dont think me Bella and Ginny did most of the cooking
Percy:spits out his food
Bella:whats that for?
Percy:mom they could have poisoned the food
Bella:then we wouldnt be eating the food smart one and i thought you were the smart one in your family
Molly:thats enough kids its not funny
Author:Molly dear you do got to give it to them it was kinda funny
Bella:ill just be leaving now
Ginny,George,Fred,Ron:im with you
in Bellas room she is staying in
Ginny:that was really funny
George:ya it was
Bella:ya i guess so i wasnt trying to be funny
an owl comes in and lands on Bellas lap
Bella:takes the letter from the owl and it flies off and Bella reads the letter
Ginny:who is it from
Bella:ummm no one tries to put it away before anyone can take it
George:takes it away and reads it i didnt know Cedric knew you
Bella:"we grew up together" why you got a problem with it
George:no its just i never saw yall talk at hogwarts
Bella:were you stalking me?and i talked to him all the time at hogwarts
Bella:there is no need to yell at me stalker laughs
George:are you going to be calling me that now?
Bella:maybe...stalker smiles
George:thats it you are going to get it stands up and starts coming towards Bella
Bella:oooo im so scared of my stalker laughs and runs away
George:runs after Bella
Ginny:yall were stalking Bella?
Bella:yells from a distance i think they were omg i got two stalkers laughs
George:yells also we werent stalking you!!
Bella:ya sure yall werent stalkers!!
Fred:now your calling both of stalkers?
Bella:of course laughs
Fred:now your in for it runs after her also
Bella:laughs Ginny Ron just dont tell me Percy was stalking me too laughs harder
Percy:how did i get put in this?
Bella:most siblings are related in some way by showing it and for all i know the three of yall could have been stalking me
Percy:well i was not stalking you...i just happend to be everywhere you were
Bella:ahhh i have 3 stalkers now laughs
Percy:thats it starts running after Bella also
Ginny:Ron have you also been stalking Bella since she has been here and you meet her?
Ron:gets all nerves what of course not
Bella:great i have four stalkers and they all are brothers do i have any more stalkers out there?
Ron:i wasnt stalking you
Bella:sure you werent stalker laughs
Ron:alright now starts chasing Bella around also
Bella:wow all four of my stalkers are chasing me and they cant catch me does that tell you something Ginny?
Ginny:ya that they are slow and out of shape laughs
Bella:laughs so hard she slows down
George:i got her!! tackles Bella
Bella:still is laughing
George&Bella:eyes meet
George:ummm let me help you up
Bella:no its alright i can get up myself
George:no ill help you up gets up and helps Bella up
Bella:um thanks? walks off and goes where Ginny is
Ginny:so how was the run? laughs
Bella:laughs pretty good until you made me laugh so hard i slowed down and George tackled me
Bella:its ok whispers Ginny i think i like your brother cause our eyes met for like a whole mintue and i saw that he really cares for me
Ginny:ewww no why my brother
Bella:i dont know sorry Ginny
Ginny:its alright i guess
Bella:please dont tell anyone
Ginny:alright i wont but in order for me not to tell anyone you got to tell him sometime and sometime soon
later on
Bella:Ginny lets play quidditch with the guys
Ginny:you just want to play cause George will be
Bella:shhh!and no i need some practice for the up coming season
Ginny:sure and look who is coming this way
Bella:its time isnt it?
George:hey guys
Ginny:ill let yall talk
Bella:look George when you tackled me our eyes met for a moment and i guess what im trying to say is...
George:interuppts Bella with a kiss and pulls away and smiles i know what you are trying to say thats why i came over here to tell you
Bella:smiles i guess i talk to much
George:yes but that is one of the many reasons why i like you so much
Bella:blushes and looks down
George:lefts up her head so Bella cant look away its alright you dont have to look away will you be my girlfriend Bella?
Bella:smiles and nods
George:smiles and my dad got all of us tickets to go watch the quidditch world cup and we leave tomorrow early morining
George:and my two older brothers Bill and Charlie will be there they will meet us there and i want to intrudce you to them as my girlfriend
Bella:great just what i need to meet more family
George:laughs you will be fine they are like me Fred and Percy together kinda
Bella:ok can we go play quidditch now
George:of course
next day early morning
Ginny:Bella wake up
Bella:ok im up im up
Ginny:get ready
Bella:ok gets ready
Ginny:since you are ready and im not ready yet why dont you go wake up your boyfriend and Fred
Bella:shut up and ok goes to wake up George and Fred guys wake up
George & Fred:no we dont want to
Bella:fine just miss out on the food and fun and meeting the players
George & Fred:we are up jump out of bed and start getting ready we are up
Bella:laughs and starts to leave
Fred:what how are we going to meet the players
Bella:i got connections ok thats all you need to know and hurry up cause got to get Hermione and Harry
Fred:dont tell me what to do and you have connections all around the world?i dont think so
Bella:yes i do and ill tell you what to do all i want to
Fred:no you dont
George:Fred stop messing with my girlfriend
Fred:wait what?since when did you 2 start dating?
Bella:you didnt tell him yet?
George:no i was busy with other things
Bella:o ok
Fred:hello?how long have you 2 been dating?
George:since yesterday
Fred:and yall didnt tell me?
Bella:it was Georges job and he is your brother
Fred:who all knew?
Bella:i told Ginny
George:i told Ron
Fred:and with those two big mouths mom,dad,Bill,Charlie,Percy,Harry,and Hermione probly know so im the last one
Bella:stop being a girl and complaining about it you know now leaves
walking to the portkey
Fred:can yall stop talking like that its disguesting
Bella:dont listen or talk to someone else then
Fred:maybe i will then
Bella:maybe you should
Fred:well im not now and plus i knew George longer
Bella:whatever ill go talk to someone else then walks over to Ron and Harry are guys exicted or are yall going be like Fred
Harry:what is Fred being like
Bella:he is being all mad like at me cause im dating George now
Harry:o well im not, im excited
Bella:ya me 2 what about you Ron
Ron:im excited duh!
Bella:laughs this is going to be fun and since i got connections all around the world
Ron:ya we know and how do you have that many connects?
Bella:parents they use to take me everywhere they went and i meet alot of people with all connections smiles
Harry:that is so cool
Bella:ya it is and it comes in handy to
????:jumps down from a tree and comes behind Bella Boo!
Bella:who in the world turns around to see Cedric CEDRIC!! hugs him
Cedric:laughs and hugs Bella back i missed you
Bella:i missed you too
Cedric:and how come you didnt write me
Bella:oh i been busy
Cedric:with what
Bella:things you dont need to worry about
Cedric:laughs ya that answers it
Bella:well if you most know im dating George now
Cedric:you could have just told me that
Bella:well maybe i didnt want to
Cedric:you are younger then me but yet you act like my age
Bella:thats what you get from "growing up" with someone older then you smiles
at the quiddtich world cup
Cedric:ill see you later
Bella:ok bye
????:so i dont get a hug or hi from you Bella?
Bella:turns around and sees Draco and hugs him hey Draco
Draco:hey Bella
Bella:how you been?
Draco:good but better now that i seen you what about you
Bella:great and im dating George
Draco:well isnt that great
Bella:be nice Draco to him and his family and friends
Draco:ill try my best
Bella:thank you
Bella:ill see you later
Draco:ok bye
George:your friends with Draco
Bella:ya we grew up together
Fred:you grew up with everyone didnt you
Bella:no wait ya kinda
Ron & Harry:who else did you grow up with?
Bella:Viktor Krum
George,Fred,Harry,Ron,and Ginny:VIKTOR KRUM?!?!?!
Bella:ya he is like my older brother and there he is waves to him
Viktor:'ello Bella
Bella:hey this is George my boyfriend Fred,Ron,Harry,Ron,Ginny,and Hermione my friends
Viktor:well nice to meet you all and so Bella that i cant talk longer cause i have to go warm up
Bella:ok bye good luck
Viktor:o and before i forget this is for you hands me a bracelet with different charms on it but most are quidditch related
Viktor:welcome and ill see you later
Bella:ok bye
Fred:ya a brother huh?
Bella:puts on the bracelet ya read the bracelet
Fred:reads it out loud here for my lil sis so you can always have me and everyone else in your heart and with you always your big bro Viktor
Bella:told ya
Fred:wow i feel like an idiot

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