Why Me? A Harry Potter story

Chapter 1

the letter

Mom:in the living room darling
Bella:urg dont call me darling please but i got great news
Dad:what is it sweety
Bella:runs into the livingroom im going to Hogwarts i just got my letter waves the letter around showing it
Mom:lets go to Diagon Alley
Mom:what pet do you want
Bella:looking around i want a owl sees a whole bunch of red heads walk in
Redhead family:walks over to your mom and dad
Redhead family dad:Willam!Tersea!always good to see you
Dad:Authur!Molly! like wise
Bella:starts walking away to look at the owls
Authur:where is yall daughter yall always bragging about
Mom:looks for Bella well she was right here.BELLA!!
Bella:runs back over there yes mom
Mom:these are the Weasleys Author Molly here is our daughter Bella
Bella:smiles nice to meet you all...mom i found an owl that i want come here so i can show you
Dad:dont be rude Bella stay over here for a little bit or go look at other pets with the kids
Bella:ok walks off with the other kids
Oldest kid there:i dont want to look at the pets i want to look at books
Bella:then go back to your mom and dad then
Oldest kid:maybe i will then walks off
Twins:dont mind Percy he is a nerd
Bella:laughs i can tell
One of the twins:im George and this my twin Fred
Bella:nice to meet you George and Fred im Bella
Fred:what year are you in
Bella:first what about yall
Bella:i just wanna go to school so i can play qudditch
Fred:what you postion you play?
Bella:the best postion out there...chaser
George:we are beaters
George:why do you like being a chaser so much?
Bella:cause thats the one that scores most of the points and gets most of the credit
??:bumps into Bella
Bella:hey watch where your going
??:are you talking to me like that
Bella:ya i am what are you going to do about it
??:youll see
Mom:Bella whats going on
Bella:this moron bumped into me
Mom:hello Draco how you doing?
Draco:im doing good Mrs.Hayes
Bella:confused you know each other?
Mom:yes if you would come to the minsitry more often you would know Draco
Bella:mom i dont go there cause its boring after the first couple times
Mom:ok did you pick the owl you want
Bella:yes i did that one points to a white owl with some brown
at the train station
Mom:bye Bella see you when christmas comes
Bella:ya bye mom bye dad
Mom&Dad:bye Bella
Bella:gets on the train and finds an empty compartment
George&Fred:sees Bella and walks into the compartment
George:hey Bella hugs Bella
Fred:hey hugs Bella also
Bella:hey guys hugs them back i cant wait to we get there
George:same here
Bella:i really hope i get 2 be in Gyffindor
Fred:ya same with us
Bella:im so tired
Bella:i dont know just am
at hogwarts
Bella:wow its beautiful
George:whispers to Fred ya but not as beautiful as her
Fred:whispers back isnt that the truth
the sorting
Professor:Isabella Hayes
Bella:walks up to stoll and sits down and places the hat on her head
Hat:hmmm smart athletic brave will stick up for her friends very difficult very diffucult but ill have to go with GYFFINDOR!!!!!!!!
people at the Gyffindor table:clap and stand up
Bella:takes off the hat and runs to the table and shakes alot of peoples hands
the feast
Bella:man if i could i would stay here the whole time just for the food
Bella:smiles and starts talking to Katie Bell and Angelica Johnson (her new best friends that are girls)
all walk into the Common Room
Bella:wow just looks almost like my living room at home but better
Katie:it is nice
Angelica:ya it is
Bella:this is our new home til summer and for the next six years not counting this year
??:bumps into Bella
Bella:cant you say sorry
??:oh im sorry i didnt see you there im Oliver Wood and you are?
Bella:im Isabella Hayes aka Bella
Oliver:nice to meet you Bella
Bella:nice to meet you to
Oliver:do you play qudditch by any chance
Bella:ya chaser
Oliver:cool well im the Captain for Gyrffindor Qudditch team are you going to try out
Oliver:well here you go it has all the information about the tryouts hands Bella a peice of paper
Bella:ok thanks
Oliver:no probelm smiles
Bella:smiles and walks away with Katie and Angelica
Katie:says out of hearing distance from everyone Oh Bella i think he was was trying to hit on you
Bella:whatever he was just being nice
Angelica:ya sure
the next day
Bella:walking around outside the castle
Katie&Angleica:runs towards Bella BELLA!!BELLA!!
Katie:you wouldnt belive what we just heard George and Fred talking about
Bella:what was it
Angelica:they were talking about you
Katie:saying how much they like you and want to date you then they started fighting about who is going to date you
Bella:WHAT NO WAY!!!!
Angelica:its true
Bella:what I am I going to do they are my best friends that are guys
Katie:we dont know but Oliver is coming this way smiling i wonder what he wants laughs
Bella:what else do you know that i dont know
Angelica:oh nothing
Bella:come on tell me please
Katie:ok well we also heard Oliver talking to couple of his friends about you and that he wants to ask you out
Bella:WHAT NO WAY!!!! I think im going to run somwhere now
Angelica:you cant cause he is like five feet away and if you run away he is going to think you know and you got to act like you don't know
Oliver:*walks over to Bella8 hey Bella can talk to alone
Bella:um ya sure
Oliver and Bella walk out of hearing distance
Bella:what do you want to talk to me about
Oliver:well um i don't know how to say this how i want to but i was kind of wondering if you would go out with me
Bella:oh ummm looks over to Katie and Angelica to see them nodding their heads ya i will go out with you
Oliver:smiles great meet me in the common room at 11:30
Bella:ok walks back over to Katie and Angelica
Katie&Angelica:smile and start screaming where Oliver can hear
Oliver:smiles bigger and laughs to himself
Bella:covers her ears are you done now?
Katie:smiles ya
Bella:moves her hands ok good...what time is it
Bella:ok thanks ill see you all later
Katie:where are you going
Bella:to my dorm to get ready
Angelica:for what
Bella:im meeting Oliver in about 30 mins
Katie:we are going to help you get ready then
Bella:doesn't try to fight back ok fine
Bella:I can't believe you are making me wear this im going to hurt myself wearing these shoes
Katie:no your not calm down now go you are going to be late
Bella:fine fine walks out and down to the common room
Oliver:sees Bella and his jaw drops to the ground
Oliver:you look beautiful
Oliver:come on...we are going to eat in the Great Hall then walk around outside
at the Great Hall
Everyone:turns and looks at Oliver&Bella holding hands
Guys:whistles and some say to their friends man she looks hot
Oliver:smiles told you
Bella:smiles ya you did
Girls:look at her with jeasley expect Bella friends
Katie:whispers to Angelica we did a good job
Angelica:whispers back ya we did and we got to do it again high fives Katie
later on
Oliver&Bella:walks in the Common Room laughing
Oliver:im tired i'll see you tomorrow right
Bella:of course
Oliver:ok night
Oliver:kisses Bellas cheek
Oliver:smiles and walks up to his dorm
George&Fred:all mad
Bella:conts to smile and walks over George and Fred hey guys
George:finally had enough time away from Oliver so you decided to come see us
Bella:what are you talking about...you don't know do you?
Fred:know what?
Bella:that im dating Oliver
George&Fred:WHAT NO!!!!!!!
George:you can't date him
Bella:and why not
Fred:ummm cause?
Bella:cause is not an answer...what is the real reason
George:mutters under his breath cause we like you and its not fair
Bella:what was that George if your going to say it say it loud enough for me to hear it
Fred:pretty much screams it he said cause we like you and its not fair!!
Bella:shocked and can't say anything so she goes sits on the couch by the fire
George&Fred:walks over there and sits on both sides of Bella
George:Bella whats wrong
Bella:finds her voice nothing im just shocked that yall like me
Fred:oh well we understand if you don't like us but you can at least tell us you don't
Bella:no...i do like you its just im dating Oliver right now and i like him also...im going to bed im going to sleep on this leaves without another word
next day
Bella:walks into the Great Hall and sits between Katie and Angelica
Oliver:walks over to Bella hey Bella do you want to walk around with me
Bella:just nods
Oliver&Bella:leave the Great Hall and start walking around
Oliver:so I hear from some people that George and Fred like you
Oliver:i also hear you like them too but you also like me
Bella:nods again
Oliver:how come your not talking
Oliver:come on Bella I need you to talk to me
Bella:just looks at Oliver and tilts her head
Oliver:because i feel like im talking to myself and how i felt before i meet you and saw you
Bella:finally speaks really?
Oliver:yes...so what are you going to do about liking me Fred and George
Bella:i...don't know...im just so confused right now
Oliver:oh alright...well i got to go get the stuff ready for quidditch tryouts ready
Bella:do you want some help
Oliver:you can help if you want to
Bella:ok ill help you
Oliver:smiles ok
later on
Oliver:ok thats was good tryouts everyone i will have the list of who made it up by tomorrow moring
Everyone:leaves expect Bella and Oliver
Bella:i don't want to say i made it just cause im your girlfriend
Oliver:ok and plus i don't do anything like that
Bella:ok well i just wanted to tell you that
Oliver:ok...come on lets go inside now cause its getting late
in the common room
Bella:im going to bed cause im tired
Oliver:ok night see you tomorrow kisses Bella on the lips
Bella:night goes up to her dorm
Katie:so what happened
Bella:nothing really we just talked about nothing really then i came up here after i told him im tired and he kissed me
Bella:ya i guess but im going to bed cause im really tired
Katie&Angelica:ok night Bella
the next day
Bella:jumps out of bed ok ok im up hurries up and changes and all that good stuff and walks down to the common room with Katie and Angelica
George&Fred:runs up to Bella BELLA GUESS WHAT
George&Fred:WE MADE THE TEAM!!!!
Bella:congrats guys i told yall you would
George:ya you did...we got to celebrate tonight if your not hanging out with your boyfriend
Bella:we still can i'll just bring him...we all can bring dates...well im going to go see if I made it
Bella:walks off with Katie and Angelica to the list to see who made it
Katie:I made it!!!!
Angelica:I did 2!!!!
Bella:looks all sad I didn't
Katie:oh we are so sorry Bella
Bella:why are you sorry I was just kinding I made the team smiles
Angelica:congrats Bella
Bella:thanks and congrats to yall also
Bella:looks at the paper again it says we have practice tomorrow after lunch
at the Great Hall
Bella:eating (stuffing alot of food in her mouth (thats how she eats)) and sitting in between Katie and Angelica
Katie:Bella you eat like a guy
Bella:my parents always said im kinda like a son they never had smiles
Katie:but thats gross
Bella:not to me I can also act like a guy if u want me to
Katie:I'll pass on that
Angelica:Bella Cedric Diggory is staring at you and walking your way
Katie&Angelica:YOU DO NOT KNOW WHO HE IS????
Bella:no cause hmmm lets see i have a boyfriend so i really don't pay attention to all the guys but I will once I'm single again smiles
Angelica:wow Bella
Angelica:whispers to Bella well looks like you are about to find out who Cedric is
Cedric:hello I'm Cedric Diggory and you are?
Bella:im Isabella Hayes but everyone calls me Bella...and if I were you I would remeber that gets up and walks off
Cedric:follows and catches up to Bella
(by the way act like no girls play proffesional qudditch)
Cedric:why would i have to remeber that
Bella:because one day you will hear everyone screaming my name
Cedric:that still doesn't answer my question
Bella:well 1 I'm going to be the 1st female to play proffesional quidditch for any team im on and 2 I'm going to be the world's greatest chaser anyone has ever seen smiles
Cedric:so I take it you are good at playing quidditch
Bella:well you will find out won't you in about 2 weeks
Cedric:you are on Gryffindor's Qudditch team
Bella:ya I am
Cedric:well good luck with that
Cedric:they have not won a game in forever
Bella:well thats all about to change since me and my friends are on the team
Cedric:who are your friends
Bella:Katie Bell,Angelica Johnson,Fred and George Weasley and my boyfriend is the captain Oliver Wood

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