I Fell For My Best Friend!

Chapter 1

What Is Going On?

I can't believe this!I can't believe it!You are mst likelyy asking what it is right?Well I fell for my best friend and he doesn't know it.Lately all he has done is spend most of his time with my brother with his shirt off.He use to wear a shirt all the time.Now that I thinkof it everbody expect Leah use to wear a shirt and whats up with all them out of no where they get a growth spourt and they are all so built up with all the muscles and abs?Something is going on and its not that happened to only Embry it happened to my best friends.Now the only person I hang out with is Kim but smetimes I feel like she knows what is going on and I don't.I'm going to find out what is wrong with all of them all.How did Emily get all those scars she never had them before I met her.They all have the same tattoo and they had it in the same spot.Why are they all so hot!?I mean like warm not like where people going around and so oh she is hot or he is hot.I have to talk to Seth he could never keep a straight and lie to me at the same time.If I want to know what is going on I have to talk to Seth.Most importantly why is it when I'm around them my best friend or was my best friend always staring at me?When I'm alone I feel someone is watching me but from a distance.Before this all happened thye all would come to the football games cause I cheered but most of them played,they would come to my basketball games,volleyball games,soccer games,and softball games but one by one they stopped and if they played football they quit playing.In case you did't catch on my broher is Sam Uley we use to tell each other everything but now he keeps everything to himself or he would tell everyone that was my friends.Lately everything I'm around them and Embry is staring at me Sam growls at him.When I look at all my friends and Sam in the eyes I see that they are hurt and sorry,but why are they hurt and sorry.That's it I'm going to talk to Seth right now.I walked downtairs to the kitchen where they were and I guess they knew I was mad because once I walked into the kitchen Sam said "whats wrong Bella?"I just ingored him and went to Seth and said to him "can we talk alone?"putting a big emphase on alone.Surprising he said yes and no one tried to stop us from going outside to talk alone.Once outside we were out of ear shot I started talking.
Bella:whats going on??
Seth:nothing is going on
Bella:really??there seems to be something going on because no one hangs out with me no more or comes to my games anymore
Seth:we been busy
I could tell he was telling the truth because he was staring at me and I started shaking really bad
Bella:busy with what??hanging with my brother??
Seth didnt say anything he just backed up and called for Sam.

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