Moonlight Kisses (A Jacob Black Love Story)

Hey, guys, this is my story!! I'm always writing new chapters, so please check back every once in a while & PLEASE let me know what you think. Please be specific about what you like/don't like cause it helps me! You can slo say any questions or requests. I take constructive critisism so it's all good & also sorry for the cheesy title :)) Thanks!

Chapter 1

Caught My Eye

I checked my phone again. "saturday 8 @ brunsters bowling alley. meet us in the line"
It was 8:52. They blew me off. They weren't planning on coming in the first place. I felt like such a loser. I thought I was so cool, meeting popular kids at a bowling alley. I had spent an hour picking out my outfit.

I started crying. I wasn't a super sensitive person, but I just felt so embarassed. I would never be able to face Hannah and Zach and Kate at school Monday. I awkwardly turned around and left the bowling alley. It was the raining and freezing cold. I had thought about driving, but I had just gotten my license and the roads were getting slippery with black ice. I put on my coat and hat and started home. It was only about a mile away, but I didn't like the weather. I could barely see in front of me and I felt like someone was watching me.

I turned a corner and felt someone grab me from the back. I scream and tried to kick, but there were three men holding me down. Using all my strength, I pulled his hand off of my mouth and screamed. "HELP!" There was no one in sight. I knew I was doomed. The men started carrying me somewhere, probably somewhere empty.

Then suddenly, I heard feet. In the distance at first. I heard a voice. Then it was replaced my the sound of a homeless dog. Whining and pattering around. I was hopeless. Until I an enonormous growl erupted over all of us. A huge wolf leaped down from a building and landed on the man next to me. It bit and scratched all three of the men, and chased them off.

I turned around and there it was. I stared into it's warm brown eyes and placed my hand on its head. I cried, out of happiness, and shock. Was this a dream?

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