An Opening To Happiness (Joe Jonas Love Story) Part 3

Thanks for all the WONDERFUL comments. I love reading them :) ♥♥

Chapter 1

Part 3

You get off the plane and a wave of jet lag crashes over you. But an excitement in your stomach keeps you from stumbling. This was California, and nothing was bringing you down this time. Your mom said she was going to go pick up the mini van that got shipped all the way from Chicago! You went to the baggage line to get your suitcase. You rested your hip on the side and shut your eyes for a moment, thinking of all the wonderful things about LA. Someone bumped into you and you lost your balance and fell. You looked up and to your surprise it was the same guy you saw on TV the other day. "what was his name, you thought, ahh dangg it!" JOE.. yeah thats it! oops you realized you had just thought aloud. He smiled, uh yeah thats my name. He reached out his hand. Sorry about that, someone from behind pushed me so I accidentally hit you. You laughed, oh nice excuse! You were kidding but he took it serious. Hey I am serious, that guy right there, he said pointing. You grabbed his pointing finger and shoved it to his side. That is not very nice to point! Hey maybe he shouldn't have bumped into me, he said with a smirk. You smiled, now had did this happen? I get off a plane and I bump into Joe Jonas! He laughs, its LAX airport. What do you expect silly? You see your bag passing, oh crap thats my bag! Its out of reach now, but I guess that didn't stop Joe. He runs for the bag and literally jumps onto the baggage cart.. he looks at you proudly when he has it in his hands. Your laughing, and he is pumping his fist! He gets off the cart and gives you the bag. I think I've made a decent first impression, what do you think? You laugh, I'm Emma. He smiles, Joseph is the name. You shake hands and once you let go of his firm grip you realize he had given you a slip of paper. You open it up and it had his number. When you look up he is gone. You roll your eyes, men these days...


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