Harry potter love story 4!!

Chapter 1

Harry potter- sweetest night

As u and harry walk back to the common rooms. When you get in u sit on the couch. As 1st ur r just sitting and talk about random stuff. Then after a hour or so u r both lying next to each other on the couch. after another hour of random talking u were on ur tummy laying ur head on harry`s chest. it was perfectly silent and he smelled amazing he had on ur favorite clone of his. He was playing with ur hair and then he started to whispered softly.
H: My babe lay upon my chest, as she does i feel her hair like velvet covering me and her low smooth and steady angel-like breathing i feel against me. Her skin i see as fair as a winters day and as smooth as silk against my hand. Her slow steady breathe is now and always what keeps my breathe going and what keeps my heart beating. because if her breathe ended forever my would end next.
U: harry....? that was amazing...
H: i have been practicing for weeks and i thought this was a great moment to sat it..:)
U: that was soo beautiful thank u!
you kiss him light lightly but after you broke he pulled u in again and you kissed harder but smoother but more passionately than ever before. it as and amazing kiss it lasted for around 8-10 minutes i looked at the clock it was 11:00.
U: we should b getting to bed. im am sooo tired.
H: well my love would you liked for me to carry u up to ur bed.
U: no im fine really
H: i will not take no for an answer so yes ?
U: oh whatever
harry picked u up and held you in his arms like a baby he came and lied you on the bottom bunk of u and hermione`s bunk-bed. He lied you down and kiss ur forehead. and as he began to leave you couldnt stand it.
U: stay (u said quietly)
H: what?
U: plz stay Ly here with me ?
H: but..
U:plz harry
H: ok but only cause i love you so much :)
U: yay!
hermione was already fast asleep but she wouldnt care it was u and her in this room anyway. so harry came under the covers and u lied your head in his chest and fell asleep to his heartbeat. just like you use to do when u were little bitty with ur dad and grandma.


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