Contest Winners!

Happy New Years everyone! :D I wanna congradulate the winners of my contest and Thanks to the people who were intrested, I had a tough time picking the winners but I got them. :D

Chapter 1


by: ShelbyA12
For Life After Breaking Dawn
I had a very difficult time coming to a conclusion of 1 winner, so I figured it would be unique if I had one person going for Edward and one person going for Taylor. Soo, the winners for Life After Breaking Dawn is.....
1. jellybab- Gemma Jones (Edward)
2. Ahnelita_Aya- Trystyn Anne Bohanda (Taylor)
For The Slytherin Prince (A Draco Malfoy Love Story)
This was the most difficult one for me to choose but it came down to two people. But, 2 people really impressed me. One was better but I couldn't let the other one go to waste. So, one person will be the main and the other will be the best friend. Soooo, the winners for The Slytherin Prince (A Draco Malfoy Love Story) are..........
The Main Character
Nita- AJ (Alice Jane) P.S Nita I need a last name from you!
The Best Friend
Canuckmom- Kaitlyn (Katie) Arora
For I'm in love with 2 goofballs (A James and Carlos love story)
I only had one person enter for this. So the winner is:
Music Notes_ for Charity- Breauna Brooke
Congrats to all the winners and Thanks to everyone who entered but if you weren't a winner on this, I have one more contest for you! My new Twilight love story, I added this yesterday and I told you guys that entries would end around the 4th or 5th I decided to end it on the 7th! :D And I have a quiz for you to take to see which one you want to see me write. :p
If you are intrested in entering the Twilight story please enter the following and leave it in the comments are send me a message:
Is she a vampire, werewolf, or human?
What does she look like?
What is her personality like?
See ya guys! I'll post up the stories soon!


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