Harry potter love story 3!!

Chapter 1

Harry potter

H: U ugly little pure blooded snob
harry grab draco by the coller and pined him to the ball with one hand an held up the other one to punch him in the face. ask he started to swing a punch at him u scream....
u run over and pull down his arm that is getting ready to punch draco.
U: Harry stop he isnt worth getting on trouble over. Harry u need to calm down in fine. I love you and u no that u need to clam down. I dont care what draco ever says i love you and u now that and i no u love me. soo calm down please for me.
H: but the way he touched u and what he said he need a good smack in the face....!
U: babe honey daring love sweetheart my amazing harry what did i just say nothing he could ever do could change how i feel about u soo u just need to calm down....
H: but....
b4 he could say more u just crushed ur lips to his after a minute u felt him start to relax u put ur arms around his neck and then u felt him drop draco hard on the ground and he put his arms around ur waist and after a few seconds u pulled away and said
U: haha i no how to shut u up now
H: i like when u make me shut up now
Draco: ummmm.... i have to things t o say after this:
1. thank you _ for not letting my face get beat it
2. because of this i will not touch unless u asked t b touch by me and i will not call u anything like babe baby sweetie honey etc. unless under command.
U walk up to draco leaving harry`s side
U: draco u will b waiting a long long time for that so you might as well give up but i thank u for ur gratitude and so i give u this and bid u fare-well
i leaned in and gave him a short peek on the cheek.
D: thank you so much for just that. yet, i will not stop waiting until there is a ring of forever on u left hand.
U: as u wish
you walk over to harrys side and look at draco and say
U: just no that this is all ur gonna see why u wait
and u again crushed ur self to harry kiss him very passionately. it was ss intense u could feel it in ur whole body u broke away. and harry grinned at draco as if to say hahaha!!! u looked at draco waiting for him to say something but he said nothing so u took harrys hand and walk slowly away


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